Earthquake Witness Stories

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Have you been in the second most dangerous event in the world, an earthquake. They are dangerous and a lot of people will die from it. They cause destruction.

It was a Sunday in 2010. Tim was sleeping in the afternoon when suddenly he was awoken from shaking that was not violent. But in a few seconds then shaking became more violent and stronger. And the safest thing he could think of was to be under the door frame of his bed. And the house was became shaking. The ground rumbled and the timber structure of the house creaked.

To him this was the big quake he was waiting to feel. Then he called to his flatmate. And he shouted if he was awake. But his flatmate was dealing with falling furniture and miscellanies. Then he’s neighbor said if he had taken cover. And he replied yes under his door frame on his bed. And Tim tried to open his flatmates door to check up on him, before changing his mind, but he spend most of the time hugging his door frame. Then the earthquake stopped.

Tim and his flatmate exchanges some words. Then they went downstairs and say all the computers from the front desk was were on the floor broken. One level of a shelf had collapsed in the lounge. They went to their neighbors house and checked on them to see if they were ok. They saw an old man sitting on the porch and they talked to him and he said everyone was ok but some of them are crying and terrified. They looked around the neighborhood to see if people were all right . Then Tim called his mom so she was not worried. This is what an earthquake feels like to tim. This proves that You need to be somewhere safe when an Earthquake hits.

Second Person is also a Survivor on an earthquake. Her name is Allyson Latta. She was sleeping in her bed around 3 in the morning . and then her bed starts to sway back and forth. Then she sits up from her be and he ground starts to shake even harder. Her lights go out. And she started to panic because she doesn’t’ like being in the dark.

She tries to get some clothes on. When she is about to leave something almost hit her head. She hit the floor. Allyson start to remember the last three weeks and they have been bad. And thinks she will never see her husband and her son again. She was happy at least so is in a luxury hotel. She then goes to the bathroom. Ally hides under the door frame. She runs to her door and is expecting people to be leaving. The lights were on but no one was out there. She was so frightened on what was going on she could not say help.

Then the ground starts to shake again even harder. She went back in her room and is wasn’t so violent anymore. The floor was littered with objects ad two big lams had fell from the ceiling.Then she grabs her backpack that has her passport and er wallet and left the room. The earthquake became less violent. Then the earthquake stopped. An man came up to all and said. “ We should go down.”. And ally said “ya”. She went down stairs and the staff was passing out water and towels to get warmed up from the cold night. Then after 20 minutes she starts feeling aftershocks.

Some of the hotel rooms collapsed.Some of the people have bruises or cuts but no serious injury. Most of the televisions, mirrors, and water pipes broke. Some of the people are stuck in their room or have died by the clapstions from the room falling on them. The people are all saying they are happy to be alive. A guy goes up to her and pulls up a chair and starts up a conversation. Most of the people refuse to stay in their rooms for a few nights. Then allyson went back home to her family. This is how it feels like to Allyson. This proves that the can be dangerous.

The Last Person is Devon VanHouten. She was Home In a Roma Neighborhood When the earthquake hit Mexico City on september, 19. The first tremble Was minor.. he thought is was a truck passing the metro underneath her. Normally the streets rumble like that. Then the second shock came and the force launched her to her feet. She was looking at the houses and they shook and twisted. She hurried to her front door and heard sirens from around town. She was running around the neighborhood, being thrown back and forth by the ground that seemed to turn to a liquid was going through her feet. As she was running the smell of gas was coming from her condo-style building. One of her neighbors said “Shut the gas and turn off the electricity, there’s a leak!” (3 para).

Devon Hurried back to her house to turn of her tank but it was blocked. The gas was leaking in the air and the ground kept pushing her. Sho devon ran back outside to the courtyard into the neighbor’s house and went to the roof. She got to the rook so she could get to her patio from above. She got in and the gas tank had fallen across the door. She turned it off. She went back into her house to call but her phone would not work.

So she got her camera and went back outside. She saw people running to catch up to their families and trying to survive and the same time. Every block she took the sight was more and more devastating hospitals were braking stores and markets collapsed. Most of the patients from the hospital were evacuated into the street in wheelchairs. The chaos and the noise was getting worse and worse. Most of the people were fleeing by car and on foot.

Then a lot of people started emerging from the underground metro entrances. Then the Earthquake stopped. About million were huddled up on the streets trying to stay on their feets. Then devon came upon a collapsed 5 story building. Then the police can and told the people to calm down. Than after six hours devon finally was able to reach her family and check up on her friends. This is how an Earthquake felt to Devon.

So an Earthquake feels like the ground is moving underneath you. It also feels like the ground is a lugiud. And earthquakes are strong. So this is what a Earthquake feels Like.


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