Drug Abuse As a Large Social Problem

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How would you feel if you knew someone who could not stop taking a harmful drug that could harm them? Or that you tried to get help and nothing worked and you wake up every day wondering if they were going to be okay. Many think that drug abuse is an addiction to a drug that can’t harm a lot. According to Dictionary.com drug abuse is “common use of drugs that transforms someone’s emotion, mood or state of consciousness” (2020). Drug abuse is a big social problem that needs to be stopped. In order to show how this is a social problem there are many things that need to be covered about drug abuse like how can drug abuse stop people from being themselves, or how can it affect people who care, and What types of these drugs can be harmful. Also, how can you personally be affected by drug abuse, and lastly how can we put a stop to this social problem?

To begin, we know of lots of types of drugs like the Ones that cure you if you are sick, or the ones that help for mental illnesses and the ones that help you if you are injured. Any drug can be harmful to anyone. The most commonly used drugs that are harmful are marijuana, heroin, cocaine, amphetamines. (center on addiction) This shows that there are many drugs that are out there that can harm you. Also, most of these drugs are illegal which means people risk a lot for one drug that can only harm you. Next, there are also drugs like painkillers that you take to get better but you can become addicted to them. In 2015 there were 17,536 deaths due to opioid painkillers (Lopez)Finally, this shows that there are many harmful drugs out there and they can cause many issues.

Drug abuse can affect in many ways like stopping you from being yourself Drug abuse can stop you from going to work or school or you may reject going to important moments (Robinson). Drug abuse can affect your relationship with others and stop you from doing the things you love most. Drug abuse can mess up your life and can cause permanent changes. Drug abuse can also affect your financial life or get you in trouble. You could spend tons of unnecessary money on drugs or you could get DUI which means you have to pay fines and legal fees (Yerby). Lastly, drug abuse can have many mental effects on you which could also stop you from being yourself.

Do you know someone who is struggling with drug abuse? Well, drug abuse can’t just affect the person who is struggling but it can affect close family and friends. Family and friends might be very stressed and could affect their mental health. Due to this family members might start to blame themselves or have depression and anxiety(the Treehouse). Also, children could be affected by drug abuse they begin to be influenced by drugs and may use them in the future. They could also be very worried because they might not understand what’s happening. Lastly, you could get a divorce due to drug abuse because there is lots of stress and the person who is struggling with drug abuse might not be there mentally and could make bad decisions. Drug abuse has a big effect on everyone.

Drug abuse might put your family in danger but could put others in danger. Drug abuse can affect the people you work with and even people while you are driving. Many deaths have been reported from drug-related accidents because of people driving under the influence of drugs. “44 percent of drivers who were injured were tested positive for drugs in 2016 and went up in 2018”(Eisenstein). This shows that there are many related accidents involving drugs. Finally, drug abuse can affect you on the job. If you have a job that saves others they could be affected. Drug abuse affects the brain mentally so if you are not very focused it could put others in danger.

Have you ever wondered that drug abuse can affect you? Well, drug abuse can affect anyone even you. Drugs affect the brain. Drug abuse can also run genetically to drug abuse is a disorder too. You could also be affected at work. Athletes, Celebrities, Nurses, and many other jobs can affect you (Gonzales). Next, you can be affected by drugs if you are stressed. Lastly, If you know someone who does drug they can influence you into doing drugs.

All in all, drug abuse has a big impact on society and needs to be stopped. As we can see many people can be affected by drug abuse and there are many dangerous drugs that are out there. Almost every day 130 Americans die of an opioid addiction ( Yerby). Additionally, About 21 million Americans struggle with addiction and only 10% go out and get help or treatment. Drug abuse is a large problem that we clearly need to stop. Drug abuse can happen to anyone. We need to act now and put an end to this social problem.


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How does drug abuse affect you socially?
Drug abuse can negatively impact your social life by causing strained relationships with family and friends, isolation, and difficulty maintaining employment or fulfilling responsibilities. It can also lead to criminal behavior and legal issues, further damaging social connections.
What are the major problems of drug abuse?
The major problems of drug abuse are addiction and overdose.
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