Substance Abuse and Drug Addiction

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Drug abuse and its impact is a huge epidemic in today’s society. Drug abuse has become a social phenomenon, (World of Sociology, Gale). It’s becoming an even bigger issue and more popular as the years go by. The addiction is gradually pulling more and more people into the depths of it throughout time. “Regardless of which substance is ingested, the excessive and inappropriate use of a substance resulting in physical, psychological, or social harm is called drug abuse.” (World of Sociology, Gale). No matter what term is used for the substance, if it isn’t being used properly, it is abuse. More people need to be aware of the social phenomenon. Many don’t realize the impact drug abuse can have on a person as well as everything around us.

The effect of drug abuse involves a public health concern along with high death rates, injuries and illnesses annually. “Drug abuse poses significant threats to the health, social and economic stability, and functionality of families, communities, and nations.” (Schlaefer, Katherine. ‘Drug Abuse.’ Encyclopedia of Global Health). Abusing drugs not only affects the person involved but also destroys everything that surrounds them. There is no good outcome when drugs are involved. “Drug abuse is not a singular problem involving a specific substance, but rather a multitude of problems resulting from the abuse of a multitude of substances.” (Schlaefer, Katherine. ‘Drug Abuse.’ Encyclopedia of Global Health). Not only is drug abuse an issue on it’s own and within the drug itself but an issue within issues. It causes various different problems that don’t benefit anyone or anything. Drug abuse only leads to disaster.

There is a large range of attitude and extents of drug abuse. “Dozens of studies have demonstrated that indigenous populations, the urban poor, and young people all are disproportionately likely to fall victim to the ill effects of drugs.” (Ryan, Tiffany. ‘Drug Abuse.’ Global Social Issues). This population falls into place due to their financial limitations. This allows them to purchase the cheapest and easiest accessed drugs which are highly dangerous and addicting. “Further, all three groups tend to have less contact with the health-care system, either because of lack of access or because they fear prosecution.” (Ryan, Tiffany. ‘Drug Abuse.’ Global Social Issues). Due to the fact that this group has such little options when it comes to the healthcare system, they are more prone to catch deadlier diseases and have a higher risk of death as well as social and mental issues.

There are many consequences that come along with drug abuse as well. For starters, abusing is only shortening a person’s lifespan. “In other words, drug use robs the world’s population of approximately 50 million days of life every year.” (Ryan, Tiffany. ‘Drug Abuse.’ Global Social Issues). Drug abusers also deal with a wide variety of other health consequences. Approximately 10% of the world population is infected with AIDS due to drugs. (Drug Abuse”. Global Social Issues). Along with health risks there are social consequences they must face as well. Drug abuse becomes an endangerment to the abuser, society, and the environment.

There are many substances that can be abused and they are illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and legal drugs such as alcohol, prescription pills and many other drugs. The initial reason for a substance reason for a substance abuse might be for fun or it might be for gaining emotional pleasure due to personal problems. It can also be for the fact that there might be stress and related problems and hence to relax a person may indulge in substance abuse. When a person indulges in substance abuse he/she feels a deep desire to continue consuming it. And it thereby becomes an addiction. Substance abuse can change the behavior of a person. Can change his perception of judgments and can create imbalances in physical control over the body and speech.

There are many forms of motivation that come along with the abuse as well. In the article, Science-Based Views of Drug Addiction and its Treatment, Alan I. Leshner, PhD mentions that there are generally two categories of drug abuse motivations. The first category being users that rely on the euphoria or sensation the drugs give them. This group is usually adolescents seeking acceptance of a social group. The downfall with this category is the drug abuse can become a big problem which eventually interferes with school work, family or work environments.

This causes a jurassic effect on their everyday lives. The second category of abusers are the groups of people who abuse the drug to deal with life problems. These are usually people who suffer from mental and emotional issues. Leshner states, “instead of using drugs simply to feel good, they are using them in an attempt to counteract negative mood states; they are trying to “self-medicate” their moods.” In these two different case scenarios a healthcare provider would have to approach these groups completely different in order to get each person the help they need. In the early stages of drug addiction, a person will use the drugs to achieve a feeling of euphoria or to relieve stress. Using is sociable and fun. However, the person begins to need more and more.

The fun begins to go out of the situation as the person realizes she cannot feel normal without her drug. The person begins to feel guilty and ashamed, and increasingly uses denial. As the drug abuse continues it only worsens in the later stages. Using drugs feels more like a necessity of survival than a form of recreation. The problems often begin to amount, and the person becomes increasingly unable to function. The addict loses interest in anything besides using. If the addict has been able to hide her using, this becomes more and more difficult as the addiction progresses.Typically, the later stages of addiction are characterized by increasing physical problems and illness.

The most common type of dual diagnosis is a connection between a mental or personality disorder and a substance abuse disorder. Drug addiction can be caused by depression, anxiety and other personality disorders. According to researchers at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg Department of Psychiatry, using drugs or alcohol to reduce emotional distress or self-medicating is common among people with mood disorders and the general population as a whole. Researchers found that 24.1 percent of people used drugs or alcohol to relieve their symptoms. In essence, the people knew they had mental illnesses, and they took drugs and alcohol in order to make those symptoms less palpable. By taking drugs and adding dopamine to their systems, they were able to mask their mental illness symptoms. Dual diagnosis is should be the expectation and not the exception.

There are many people who are addicted to substance abuse and they are in need to be treated immediately. Substance abuse treatment is the treatment of a person addicted to substance abuse such that he can be relieved of this addiction. This treatment is normally provided in substance abuse facilities. If a person you know is addicted to any substance then putting that person into treatment in a substance abuse facility is probably the best option available.

It is not an impossible task to make that person get relieved of his addiction and walk freely as a normal person. Also the task is not very easy. The person in treatment needs all the moral support that can be given and the person should be made to understand the importance of living a life free of addiction. Normally a person addicted feels that he/she should stay away from people and it is our responsibility that we take care of our beloved ones and make them feel that we care for them and make available all the facilities that is required to relieve them from the addiction.

The time spent in a substance abuse facility is precious as the person coming out of it comes back as a normal human and leads life like they once did. Not many people feel confident about their recovery while some go in with a mindset of recovering from the addiction. Even after recovery many people have not felt it positive to walk back and lead a normal life owing to the time they spent during the addiction. The bottom-line is that treatment given to an addict results in two things. It either makes them or breaks them it is depending on how they take it and with what attitude they went into the facility that matters.

Substance addiction is something that has become a major social issue in many parts of the world today. This is a problem that does not have an immediate solution. The practice of drug abuse has increased in today’s world because the world has become busy in their own work and dont have the time required to look into these matters with utmost care.

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