Don’t Let Other People Shape Your Way Of Living

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Peer pressure meaning the influence from members of one’s peer group. I believe we can be influenced by our peers but the outcome of whatever you decide to do truly lies in your hands. It’s an ultimatum of if you really want to do something, you’re willing to try and impress someone or you’re too scared to stand up for yourself and say no. If you do succumb to the pressure given from your peers you need to think, are you really focusing on what you want or are other people’s opinions clouding your judgement?

Peer pressure has an entirely different concept when you use it in a positive way, for example pushing someone into doing something they didn’t have much confidence to do themself or helping to guide someone out of a rough or what could have been a rough situation.The positive side of being pressured into something could potentially even benefit you in more ways than one. Depending on the circumstances it could give you more motivation to do something, get you out of a bad habit, allow you to try things you never thought you’d try before, provide you with better morals and traits and save you from doing something you might regret. Nowadays I’m sure many teenagers like to gravitate towards the more exhilarating activities.

The total other intention of positive peer pressure is negative peer pressure. Usually meaning that your peer would try and pressure you into doing something you normally wouldn’t. Unlike positive peer pressure negative peer pressure obviously makes negative impacts on your decisions. They put you in a difficult position and try to direct you to a pathway you probably wouldn’t take to begin with. They can impact such things as how you dress, what kind of music you listen to, types of people you associate yourself with and certain habits and morals you pick up. Why do so many people cave in to peer pressure? Perhaps they feel the need to impress someone or they don’t want to be made fun of for not doing something. Maybe they don’t know how to escape the situation without worrying if they’re hurting someone’s feelings for saying no.

There’s an endless possibility of why peer pressure is so difficult to say no to, but I guarantee that we’ve all experienced it and if not maybe even did it ourselves. If you haven’t encountered peer pressure then you are bound to one day because peer pressure is something that can happen not only as teenagers but also as adults. Whether they feel the need to have a better car or house, to shop at certain stores or have clothes that fit society’s standard. Peer pressure will always be a constant thing present in your life, there will almost always be that one person who manages to sway your train of thought, whether it being in a positive or negative way.

If we were all to succumb to negative peer pressure what would that make us? We’d all feel the need to wear the same brands, have similar houses and cars, listen to the same music, eat the same food and ultimately be in a dumb, judgemental world. And although it sounds kinda stupid that’s just what peer pressure is, if no one has the guts to stand up for themself and venture down their own path then we could possibly turn to that type of living Comparing both kinds of peer pressure it’s quite obvious that if positive peer pressure were to increase and leave negative peer pressure behind we could progress to a better and easier society. Don’t let other people shape your way of living. Remember that whatever you decide to do truly lies in your hands.

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