Discrimination Lead to Increase of Poverty in America

Updated October 30, 2021

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Discrimination Lead to Increase of Poverty in America essay

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What is poverty? Poverty is a stage where someone is unable to fulfill the basic needs of life such as food, clothes, hygiene, immunity, education, shelter and jobs. It’s not for a year or a decade but is passed on from generation to generation and never ends, known as poverty cycle. Poor people not only face dirt and smell but they have to bare everything in life that a normal person cannot think of because everything costs money and nobody today is generous enough to feel others pain and do something for them. Many questions are raised regarding the issue of Poverty.

The problem that is the focus of this paper is how discriminating people on the basis of color, sex, health, and education become the reasons of increasing poverty and what can be done to abolish it from our country. From everything I’ve researched about discrimination, I believe that it can be eradicated from our society if we create such conditions to allow the poor to have equal rights as all other citizens and break the poverty trap because it is destroying our nation’s pride like an acid. As a part of this nation, growing inequality and injustice will drive to instability and conflicts in the nation, so it is a duty of every person to maintain peace and justice for all.

From old ages, discrimination is not only about poverty but it is racial, which means that a person or group is differentiated because he or she belongs to a certain race. Dr. Da Costa Nunez states that “it will take all of us as a nation to voice our intolerance of policies that make it difficult for someone to rise out of poverty” (Jones 5). In America is it often seen that white people are favored over black for any white collar job. According to the reports, nearly half of the black population living in New York city are homeless while only 1 percent of the white population living there is homeless (Jones 5). The practice of segregated housing for African American population arose a feeling of inferiority among black people as they are separated from the society and lack basic necessities.

Because of the lack of shelter and education, black people are mostly judged as culprits and got arrested for a longer period than a white man who lives in a house. Even after getting released from the prison, they rarely have any chance to get a better job. Thus, the poverty cycle keeps on going from generation to generation which forces these innocent people to jump into the criminal activities to earn their living. We all need to raise a voice against the laws and policies that are causing discrimination and have a negative effect on minority groups, which must be amended. Funds are being generated by various groups so that the health care centers can give benefits to the local public and protect them from diseases. Also, new generation volunteer leaders should be elected for different areas, who are responsible for the health education of that area.

Discrimination is not only confined up to race but also takes into account the medical health. During his working, Dr. Freemen get the idea that most of the people from the minority group who came to him, were never treated beforehand, which made him realize that it is not only a scientific matter but also a sociological matter. He said, “Although the human being is much more complicated than color, we have come to evaluate each other on outer appearance” (Moorer 15). People are discriminated on the basis of color which counts only 0.01 percent of our genes. Other than that, the physical and social environment of a poor person has a considerable effect on their health like unclean water, improper sanitation and housing, and lack of social support. The poor people are left unaware of medical resources and early prevention of various diseases. Dr. Freemen tried on his part to make people aware of their health and detangling the social and political racism.

Women in our society are never given an equal status as men, they were always treated inferior and were dominated by men. From a very young age, the girls are taught to look after household work and to cook rather than to study. As poor families could not afford to educate all their children, only the boys are allowed to go to school and not the girls because they have a mentality that the girl will never be paid as much as boys. This way, girls lack the proper education and they are less likely to get any job, which not only affects her family but also the overall development of the country. Thus, Discrimination on the basis of sex directly or indirectly leads to poverty. Encouraging women to educate and participate in decision making will lead the world to the path of prosperity and success. As it is believed that women have a better control and understanding of the market, household, and hold on decision making, which increases the productivity, earning and health resulting in decreased poverty. For instance, one year after women got the right to vote in the US, public health status has been improved and the childhood mortality rate has been seen decreasing (Hyde). A Gender Equality Program has been working on the equality of men and women by providing them with equal access to education, proper hygienic surroundings, and other activities.

Not only women but also children from poor families are suffering from discrimination in schools. The higher class people do not send their children to the nearby school because the children of the minority class also study there. These people are passing their narrow mentality to the next generation and spreading inequality. This way, the number of students in the school decreases which in turns retards the school’s academic performance. As we know that a quality education can change the life of any child and is a key to unlock the box of equality. We can achieve that by providing a comfortable and supportive environment to students at the school. The state is contributing by supplying funds to various programs, like Fiscal Equity settlement, and are working on the betterment of the school quality (Joyner & Bronson 13). A little contribution by all can change the world.

Discrimination among people or group on the basis of race, sex and medical treatment leads to further isolation of this population from others. Discriminating on the bases of race and gender directly leads to poverty, while the low-income status leads to discrimination. Social Watch Society states that most of the people who are illiterate belong to one or the other minority group who is differentiated from rest of the society (Sewidan). Thus, Discrimination and poverty are interrelated and keeps on going in a cyclic pattern. Isolation of the minority groups from other citizens hinders them from participating in poverty reduction schemes, lack of access to education, lack of awareness about various health issues and their prevention.

Global poverty is a very big challenge for our nation. Firstly, to remove this evil from this society, the most important step is to eradicate any kind of discrimination faced by the minority groups, either due to race, color, gender, or education. We all need to change our mindset, that it is not the color but the mentality that make a difference. We abide in a country with the highest diversity and if we will keep on discriminating among people of different cultures and colors, then we would never be able to live and let live. Secondly, we need to set specific targets for basic needs of disadvantageous groups and it will vary from place to place, and work on these targets.

Further, this should be inspected from time to time to make sure if the target is achieving. The state government has developed certain laws to end discrimination, so it is the duty of all its citizens to maintain the countries rules and regulations. We need to empower women in our society and make them realize their strength. Everyone have equal right on education so, the government should make some amendments that every child should have an access to free education until high school. This way we can remove the ill effects of poverty. Other than that, proper sanitation and hygienic conditions can prevent the occurrence of diseases in the society, so regular inspections should be done in order to maintain cleanliness.

Discrimination Lead to Increase of Poverty in America essay

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