Definition of Poverty and Types of Poverty Argumentative Essay

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Poverty is the worst form of violence”-Mahatma Gandhi.What is poverty?Poverty is the necessity of clothing, food, money, and other basic items needed on a daily basis. The word “poverty” comes from “poverté” which is French for poor. There are different types of poverty. They are absolute poverty, relative poverty, situational poverty, generational poverty, and urban poverty.

Absolute poverty is known to be the deprivation of what humans need, such as food, water, health, education, and shelter. This type of poverty is commonly recognized around the world. Relative poverty concedes to be when in a society or a location in which the people live there is economic inequality. It classifies when an individual or a family is poor compared to others in population.

Situational poverty occurs by a loss or crisis that is regularly short. Environmental disaster, severe health problems, and divorces normally cause this type of poverty. In families, when at least two generations have been raised into poverty, it causes generational poverty. When this happens, it usually affects a person’s mental, social, physical, and emotional health. Children might think it is their fault or they will give up hope. Urban poverty is living in an unhealthy and violent environment. Living in this type of poverty you might feel insecure or inadequate. Also, in this poverty, you live with many deprivations.

Why do we have poverty in the world? Poverty is caused by the changes of economics, education being lacked, and even diseases like malaria and AIDS(Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Also, it is caused by people losing their jobs or making poor decisions.

Poverty can be anywhere now that is has become a big situation in the world. It has become worse now that people are programming robots and machines to have the abilities that humans have, which is part of why people lose their jobs. To stop poverty, we should have access to healthcare, we should have equal education, there should be water sanitation, and teach children about their rights and how it is important to take care of the community. It is important to learn about this theme so that we can realize how blessed we are, how we should assess the things we have, and know what to do to not end up living in poverty.


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How many types are there of poverty?
There are two main types of poverty: absolute poverty, which refers to a lack of basic necessities such as food, water, and shelter, and relative poverty, which is defined as a lack of resources compared to others in society.
What are the 2 types of poverty?
The two types of poverty are absolute poverty and relative poverty.
What defines poverty?
There is no one answer to this question as poverty can mean different things to different people. Some may say that poverty is defined by a lack of money or resources, while others may say that it is defined by a lack of opportunity or hope.
What is poverty and types of poverty?
There are many factors that influence gender roles in today's society. Some of these include family, friends, media, and society as a whole.
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