Cyber Attack on Hillary Clinton’s Email Account

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On March 2016, Hillary Clinton’s massive email account has been hacked and many confidential secrets were disclosed to the public. These emails include highly classified information such as Hillary campaign strategy, donor information, etc. According to the investigation by the U.S intelligence agencies, Russia was the ultimate hacker behind this scandal and the email theft.

Russia tried to hack Clinton’ email in order to compromise her inner circle and other employees and contractors related. They send messages from Google to remind customers to improve their security through change passwords, but actually steer them to phishing websites that are designed to collect their personal information. Almost everyone in the team was been targeted. Even though the digital security raised their concerns for a long time, Clinton’s email account was finally been hacked through the former employee who works for her before.

Subsequently, this information was then published by WikiLeaks. This news also mentioned that Donald Trump’s campaign team was actually well aware of these hacking activities in advance. In 2016, one of the top events in US was the presidential campaign.  In the beginning, Hillary Clinton was far ahead of Donald Trump in public opinion polls cross the country. However, this email scandal completely disrupted the U.S president contest, which ultimately leads to Hillary’s lost the election in this campaign.

This case is worth discussing because cyber attack is not only related to individual privacy and personal property safety, but also a growing threat to national security and one of major uncertain factors at the national level.  There are a lot more complicated matters involving cyber conflicts and ethics dilemmas behind the scene. How to address the cyber problems ethically becomes an ever-increasing hot and controversial topic in recent society.

In light of the above considerations, the following inquires should be consideredIs it ethical keeping silence while benefiting from the leaked information even knowing potential hackers of competitors are meddling in business or politic? Is it ethical to hack another country’s information for political reasons?Is it ethical to retaliate by hacking back when other countries threat our national security? Is there a line should not be crossed?What measures should be taken by countries to protect national security and avoid cyber war at the first place?


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