Obesity in America as a Social Issue

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Millions of adults and children in America are dealing with health problems that are emotionally hurting them because they can’t stop eating. It is downhearted and miserable that we see young children, of ages nine through the teen stage or even adults, of ages twenty-five and up having a hard time taking a few steps, going up the stairs, using wheelchairs or even just walking. These are the ones who become either successful to strive to lose weight or give up. All these problems are because of the obesity in the United States.

These obese individuals are led by wrong motives by their peers or family. In our society, unhealthy foods are very accessible. There are drive thrus and an easy way to get in and out for the food inside. The worst part about fast food is it is cheap, and opened 24-hours, which leads more people to buy it. Instead of trying to solve this problem, the United States for some reason keeps promoting obesity. This will become a big issue if Americans don’t make a change to their daily lifestyles. We are in need to try preventing overweight individuals from our society to eat specific food. Removing certain unhealthy foods from our society would help. This is the biggest way to help fight obesity in America.

Obese in America needs to come to an end! If people aren’t consistently hearing about all the scrumptious and unhealthy foods that they usually are eating, then they are less likely to crave them all. For example, all the commercials and billboards posted everywhere on the streets aren’t helpful and people crave it more. People will not be aware of the new and healthy restaurants in the town or place they live in. Humans are very lazy but, if we took vehicles from the United States this would force people to get off their bed and leave their house in order to hear about these other good foods. This motivation and encouragement for leaving their house and to walk will help them burn off all the weight.


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