Characteristics of My Heroes

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Heroes are made by not giving up. In Mulan and Hidden Figures, there are many heroes. For example, Mulan and katherine don’t give up and both fight for what they care about. In addition both Li Shang and katherine show loyalty in the way that Li Shang decides not to kill Mulan and be loyal and katherine decides to be loyal by doing the correct math and putting a man in space. Katherine and Mulan also show intellect when Mulan shoots the dragon onto a mountain instead of shooting the dragon at the soldiers in my opinion all the soldiers were perilous because they were right under a falling mountain and Katherine uses intellect by doing he correct math and fixing her co workers numbers even after she is bullied and treated like a nobody. It is very important to show hero like conditions.

People show heroic attitude towards others. For example China went under war and asked one man from each family to go train for the emperor and Fa Zhou is the only man in Mulan’s family therefore he is asked to go. Mulan decides to make it clear that she does not like the idea of him going by running up to Chi-Fu and telling him that her her dad is no match and even cites about the prior injuries that Fa Zhou had received. In addition, Chi-Fu response be telling Fa Zhou to each his daughter silence while men are having a conversation. Chi-Fu believes that Mulan is being Asinine because of the way that Mulan runs up to him ad the way she talks to him. Mulan does not give up and decides to leave in the middle of the night with her father’s sword and go to the camp to train instead of her dad. In addition Katherine Johnson doesn’t give up when she gets assigned to a new position, For example Katherine is mistreated in the new building and taken as a colored computer. Kathrine is motivated to to continue her work when she realizes it is part her job to put a man into space.

People show loyalty towards their heros. Li Shang shows loyalty towards Mulan when he doesn’t kill her. Li Shang finds out Mulan is actually a girl and decides not to kill her after he is told to kill her instead he gives her the sword and walks away. Although all the soldiers were mortified they all walked away go go celebrate their victory. In Addition Li Shang also shows loyalty by treating Mulan as someone more than just a soldier. Kathrine shows loyalty by believing in herself to get a man in space. For example John Glenn puts his full trust into Kathrine and shakes her hand. Kathrine is motivated to continue the work when Glenn tells her his life is on her hands.

Mulan tries to fire the cannon but drops all of the matches and uses intellect and fires the dragon from the cannon towards the mountain instead of firing him at the soldiers. Mulan shoots it at the mountain to cause a big mess and make the mountain fall on the enemies of china. Once the mountain fell on the soldiers Mulan returned to safety and was thanked. Mulan was motivated to defeat the enemies in order to show that her family was honorable. Kathrine showed intellect when working with number and correcting most of the numbers. For example Kathrine puts a paper up to the light and sees that most of the numbers on the paper were way off. Katherine was motivated to change those number because she knew it was a very important job but nothing hard for her. Furthermore Katherine was motivated to continue working when she was unfathomable by her boss Al. In addition Kathrine decides to calculate numbers for the project even after she was let go by her boss Al harrison.

In conclusion heroes in the world are necessary. Although there are not that many heroes the ones that are out there are very valuable. In my opinion Katherine from Hidden Figures, Mulan and Li Shang are all heros in there own way. In addition i believe mulan is a hero because she decides to go to train and go to war instead of seeing her dad go train and fight in war because he was older and in pain. In addition I believe that Mulan never gives up and continues to live up to her expectations and not see her dad suffer. I believe that katherine is a hero because she was able to put the first man in space successfully and use intellect while having Glenn’s life on her hands. In addition, Katherines job working at NASA was not too Vapid for her but was perplex to many other people working at NASA. Furthermore, I believe that Li Shang is a hero because he is loyal even after they discover that she is actually a girl and not a boy and decides not to hurt Mulan instead he decides to drop the sword in front of her and walk away.

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