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Absurd Heroes Analytical Essay

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Heroes are the people who can recognize the pointlessness of life and through personal values give it meaning. According to existential philosopher Albert Camus, this quality is what creates an absurd hero. In Albert Camus’ novel, The Stranger, it features a character named Meursault who through the story becomes one of these heroes. Relating to…

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Heroes and Zeros

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“Marvel is a cornucopia of fantasy, a wild idea, a swashbuckling attitude, an escape from the humdrum and prosaic. It’s a serendipitous feast for the mind, the eye, and the imagination, a literate celebration of unbridled creativity, coupled with a touch of rebellion and an insolent desire to spit in the eye of the dragon.”…

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Gilgamesh and Telemachus: Heroes or Zeroes Review

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The word ‘hero’ comes from a Greek root to mean protect and serve. Often a hero is connected with self-sacrifice, transcending ego. Webster dictionary defines a hero as a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities, a person who is greatly admired, the chief male character in a story, play,…

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Why Americans Love Super Heroes

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American Culture


Why we are obsessed with super heroes because of the bravery they have. According to the YouTube video, ‘Why We Love Them’,they show that they can control their lives and criminals lives and on the slide show: How may super heroes be their reflection of American history, Captain American fought the evil of Hitler in…

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Our Great Heroes

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A hero is a person who faces and overcomes many challenges. A hero could be considered inspiring because they push themselves and overcome many challenges which motivate others to do the same. Not only are heroes inspiring, they are selfless too. They put others before themselves and they always try their best to help others…

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What Do a Heroes Do?

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In the article “5 Qualities of Incredibly Heroic Leaders”, Bill Murphy Jr. states 5 qualities, but not once does he mention fame, good looks, or fortune. According to Bill Murphy’s article, “While few of us are called to rush into oncoming bullets, we make choices every day about whether to act heroically or ordinarily.” I…

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The Heros Journey of Gerry in World War Z, a Film by Marc Forster

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When we come to that point in life when we have to choose a careers, many of us will never expect that this decision might lead into saving the world one day; but destiny and having certain abilities could lead us this direction. Gerry a retired U.N. officer in the film World War Z, will…

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The Theme of Rebellion in the Three Stags of Experience in the Heros Journey in The Hunger Games, a Novel Series by Suzanne Collins

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“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself,” Joseph Campbell, author of the essay “The Hero’s Journey: A Summary of Three Steps,” writes. According to Campbell, every character will experience the same or similar stages. It begins with “departure,” then goes to “initiation,” and then ends with…

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Hero, Anti-Hero, and a Hero’s Journey in Beowulf, Hamlet, and 1984

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What Makes a Hero This year in British Literature, heroes and antiheroes have been a consistent and central theme. Starting with Winston Smith acting as an antihero in the novel 1984 by George Orwell, then to various other stories with heroes and antiheroes. The classic heroic character was introduced through the epic poem, Beowulf, in…

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The Heros Journey of Jerry in Through the Tunnel, a Book by Doris Lessing

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Joseph Campbell’s Hero Journey was used in “Through the Tunnel”. The author ,Doris Lessing, was very creative during this passage while using these 12 steps. Today, I am going to talk about how an eleven year old boy named Jerry, who did something that most adults couldn’t do. Ms.Lessing wrote this story about a young…

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