Causes of Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is any abusive action used to control another individual, be it a partner, or children. It is a controversial issue in our society. It can happen anywhere and to anyone regardless of social classes, ages, genders, and racial lines. It can be a male’s or female’s act of brutality towards another male’s or a female’s innocence. Globally, absolute majority of the victims of this violence are women. However, factors contributing to domestic violence include the desire of ownership, substance abuse, and family history.

Above all, domestic abuse generally appears with the desire of feeling in control and domination of the relationship or feeling in power over the victim. The abuser, to eventually gain control over the victim, often focuses on pressuring them verbally, non-verbally and physically. The victim may engage with emotional abuse includes verbal abuse such as forcefully yelling, insulting, and criticizing. The perpetrator may as well isolate the victim from the communities to escalate to other harmful behaviour. Thus, these abusers share one common motive which is to have a greater amount of ownership over the victims because they feel powerless.

Furthermore, substance abuse usually go hand in hand with domestic violence. Excessive consumption of alcohol and other drugs has been seen to trigger the aggressive and violent acts. This is because many people find it is hard to defeat their anger and keep it under control which lead to take this stress and guilt out on the other partner. People who are more focused on the present are more likely to have trouble control their anger issues under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Next, violent behaviour by perpetrators are due to family history. They may have experienced and exposed to parental violence during childhood. Children may confuse the means of violence as a resolving conflict. Not a single soul is born to be perpetrators and there is no such disease or illness that turns someone who is a non-abusive person into an abuser. This observed that domestic abuse reinforced in family as the children learned it through direct observation and reinforcement which lead them to be an abuser.

All in all, it all begin with one aim set with a purpose of feeling ownership over the other individual. This violence is both physically and emotionally harming the partner and it may be hard to ask for help. More educational campaigns against domestic violence should be undertaken to raise awareness in the society.


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