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Verbal Abuse and Its Effect on Victims

Verbal abuse is one of the most dangerous types of abuse, leaving lasting emotional damage and having the potential of turning into physical violence on victims in unhealthy relationships without the means of leaving or seeking legal help. Rather than discussing a form of abuse with no obvious damage, the media prefers to show physical…

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Causes of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is any abusive action used to control another individual, be it a partner, or children. It is a controversial issue in our society. It can happen anywhere and to anyone regardless of social classes, ages, genders, and racial lines. It can be a male’s or female’s act of brutality towards another male’s or…

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Domestic Violence,


Verbal Abuse

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Domestic Violence: A Literature Review

Domestic violence is an emerging social problem in our society that affects a significant amount of people, especially women. This form of violence is often experienced by women who are in an intimidate relationship but can also occur between different members of a household, as it comprises any form of family violence, including child abuse…

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Sexual Abuse,

Verbal Abuse

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Types of Abuse and Its Negative Effect

Warning signs of Abuse Abuse can happen to any race. Anybody could be using domestic violence, but not knowing that they are using it. Despite both men and women can be abusive, there are mostly men that are doing the abusing. Those who use violence often refuse to accept control for the abuse and attempt…


Child Abuse,

Verbal Abuse

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Psychological Abuse as a Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a dark truth in which differences such as financial status, sexual identity, religious affiliation and age are broken. It’s a complicated and emotionally charged subject marked as a personal family matter, often swept under the carpet. Violence against women should not be taken as a private family matter but must be seen…

Domestic Violence,

Verbal Abuse

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