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Gang Violence and Homicide

Homicide is the second leading cause of death amongst people who are 15-24 years old in the United States. In cities like Long beach and Los Angeles, gang homicides are the reason for majority of homicides in this age group (CDC Gang homicides. 2012). Research is done on this topic because its affects society as…


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Issue of Gang Violence Summary

Gang violence is a worldwide social issue that is especially prevalent in the United States. Because the causes and norms are heavily rooted in both the individual issues of its members as well as the contextual environment of the gang, gang violence serves as a prime example of an issue that can be analyzed via…

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Ways to Reduce Group and Gang Violence

Introduction Gang Violence in America is increasing everyday and more and more people are becoming a member of gangs and they are poisoning society with violence and fear. There have been many gang violence reduction programs that have been designed to target certain gangs and people in certain areas of the country. One of these…

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Representation of Gang Violence in Series “On My Block”

Set in a fictional working-class Latino and Black Southern California neighborhood, the Netflix series On My Block explores the life in the neighborhood through the eyes of four bright teenagers as they work through typical coming-of-age issues of love and acceptance while doing their best to avoid and ignore the gang violence around them. This…

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