Brief Analysis of Three Online Dating Services

Updated October 28, 2021

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Brief Analysis of Three Online Dating Services essay

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Internet dating is extremely trendy in this generational era and has been a major contributing factor to a percentage of marriages in the world. Internet dating is a matching tool that allows people to domestically and internationally connect with dozens of potential matches. Many people that join the trend of internet dating desire a relationship, personal, and romantic relationship.

Online companies that provide the service of online dating has dominated their industry to do the trendy desire of being a relationship during this era. Many companies fund their profits and revenue streams through implementing a variety of premium services that allow its users to become attracted to the idea of more in-depth matching services. Online dating services and sites have proven to withstand the natural economic threats in its market and is projected to have a stable stance within its industry.

Match.com was created by Gary Kremen and Peng T Ong in 1993 (“MASTER THESIS. An Analysis of the Online Dating Industry and How Startups Can Compete”). These two individuals had a dream to “make love real again.” Gary and Peng believed the idea of love and recognized that many others desired and longed for love. Shortly after the internet and technology era took the generation by storm, Gary, and Peng decided to take advantage of this new technology and infuse it with their idea to make matchmaking and the idea of love accessible to everyone. Currently, Match.com is accessible in over

25 countries and had modified its database systems and servers to cater to language barriers and specific regional preferences. Match.com is one of the top Online dating servers in its market due to the efficiency and effectiveness of their services.

eHarmony is an online dating website that was launched not too long after Match.com. eHarmony was founded by the clinical psychologist, Dr. Neil Clark and associates. Due to Dr. Neil’s background that focuses on human cognitive dissonance and psychological human behavior, he was able to strategize specific factors that consumers desired when looking for a relationship or companionship. Dr. Neil eventually expanded his corporation and formed eHarmony which provides a matching service that allows users to socialize, meet, and date other users. PlentyOfFish.com will be compared to Match.com. PlentyOfFish.com is also an online dating services that provides similar services to Match and eHarmony.

PlentyOfFish.com is a “New School” dating service that targets generation Z and Teens. This dating site has consumed users in Canada, US, UK, Brazil, etc. Due to PlentyOfFish’s main target in first world countries, its revenue has been consistently skied rocketing and its projection for growth is impeccable. PlentyOfFish is a strong contender amongst Match and eHarmony because of it strong presence in many first world countries and promising growth.

Brief Analysis of Three Online Dating Services essay

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