Online Dating or Traditional Dating

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Although one can be a click away from their soul mate, some tend to believe it’s made up of lies. When online dating it’s easy for someone to tell a lie about their age, weight, height, income, and marital status. eHarmony online dating statistics show that 53 percent of people lie on their online dating profile, which is more than half of the people who are signed up. It’s ironic how members of online dating sights make up of 51 percent being in serious relationships and 11 percent already have a spouse.

When meeting someone traditionally, you’re looking right at them; therefore, you’re conscious typically wins out. Of course, telling a lie face-to-face to someone isn’t rare but usually one can tell when someone is being untruthful by their actions or if the stories they are telling don’t add up which is harder to determine through a computer screen. Due to the number of lies being told through online, safety is a concern. One doesn’t really know what one is all about, in which, 10 percent of sex offenders use dating sites.

People can never be to sure of who they’re talking to, it’s a lack of reliability. Fake existence is a thing and it’s defined as “catfishing”. People try to portray something that they are not and a person may spend all their time talking to someone who ends up not being who they claimed to be. A calculation of internet predator statistics shows that sixteen thousand abductions, one hundred murders, and thousands of rape occur yearly. Although there are many ways to be unharmed, one should debate if they really trust a virtual relationship. Picking the right choice could be a battle for some, traditionally or electronically. Online dating has an endless amount of choices which could tend to be an exhausting experience; however, in a social gathering, there is a lesser amount to choose from making it easier for oneself.

When online dating, it’s a twenty-four-hour service. There’s isn’t a time limit or curfew for those who want to stay up all night searching and swiping their love away to find “the one”, this being said, some may not like the feeling of full-time match making nor is it healthy to spend most of your time searching online as life is passing by. One’s true love could be in front of their eyes yet they’re glued to the phone not paying attention to their surroundings. Carl Gustav Jung once said, “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed”.

In person when meeting or crossing paths with someone, you can tell right off the bat if there’s a connection. Body language is a key factor in knowing if someone is interested. When it comes to online dating one may get the jittery butterflies in their stomachs by the things a person may say but that doesn’t mean there’s a connection. There’s so much more to learn about somebody by hearing and seeing them in person that isn’t fully fulfilled online. Love is to feel not to see. Based on people’s pictures on their online profile, one determines whether to reach out to a fellow online dating member. Boonaa Mohammed questioned “if the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?”, meaning we shouldn’t look with our eyes but rather our hearts. People get mixed up due to society and believe looks are everything.

These online dating websites replicate how one chooses to talk to someone based on how they look, you swipe left and right to decide if it’s a potential candidate by how they look through pictures which tends to bring people’s self-esteem down. You don’t know much about a person through online dating despite the fact of the matchmaking tools showing a few common interests. A person’s online biography can only have a certain character count that you can not surpass which tends to be vague in which we know most people tend to lie on dating websites. Most online relationships are a prime example of what dating shouldn’t be. Before technology and social media became big, one only knew of what was around them. In older times, you’d have a crush on the person who sits next to you in class, your neighbor, or someone in the friend group.

People didn’t know how much was out there, just what was included in their daily life. Social media is now a part of one’s daily life and when mixing it with a potential love candidate, it makes it harder to get to know someone. When set up through friends or class, it’s easier to break the ice and you don’t have to worry if their dating profile is accurate. Not only do these set-ups break the ice, but group dates also tend to be easier due to the help of everyone around you and there’s less pressure. When meeting someone in class, in your neighborhood, or friend group you tend to know more about them by seeing how they act or hearing of how they are through someone who knows them well. In an online setting you’re knowing a person briefly based of what one says about themselves, as mentioned earlier, one tends to lie more virtually. When one begins to date statistics show that twenty percent of committed relationships begin online and sixty-three percent meet through friends.

Traditional dating tends to have a higher rate due to knowing what one is getting themselves into. These people that were set up aren’t complete strangers to one another, unlike online dating. Falling in love is usually unexpected and is not supposed to be planned. The whole purpose of online dating and why it was invented was for one to find a love which is somewhat forceful. Love is supposed to happen when one is not looking for it and when it comes to online dating one is typically looking for the outcome to end up with someone. Having a successful love life is possible off and online. It depends on one’s preference and what they are comfortable with to start a relationship. Studies show that online dating isn’t the best of ways to begin relationships, however, in this generation technology plays a great role.

When finding a soulmate one simply cannot just wait around for the fairy godmother or lamp to make sparks fly. Traditional and Online dating makes people put themselves out there to be seen. If one is serious about finding one true love, they must have a combination with both online and traditional dating. Traditional dating has been from generation to generation, it’s not going to die out. Online dating is new and trending in this advanced technological world, which most likely won’t die out either. Taking advantage of both ways is the better alternative to find that special someone.

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