Big Problem of Ocean Pollution

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The ocean is essential for human life and is the lifeblood for earth. Three fourths of the plant is made up oceans. Inadition, about seventy five percent of the oxygen is produced from our oceans. In many way we use the ocean in day to day tasks. We use it drink water, we use it to breathe, we even use things that are made up of water, like for example pools, or even a water hose. Deep ocean waters are home to marine life and is home to one of the biggest creatures on the planet. The ocean provide jobs, entertainment and most importantly the ocean provides food. That’s why ocean pollution is such a big problem.

We need the oceans to survive. Everything that drinks water could go extinct without the oceans. Since the ocean is so vast and big, people think they can dump whatever they want into the ocean with no effects,but there wrong. Ocean pollution has become a problem now. According Kimberly Amaral ”14 billion pounds of garbage was being dumped into the ocean every year. That’s more than 1.5 million pounds per hour”. There are literally small island sized garbe clusters floating in our oceans.

Marine life is effected a lot by pollution in the oceans. According to the . In some areas marine life can’t reproduce because of the amount of pollution. If some marine life can’t reproduce it could throw the food web unbalanced. Many fish survive from eating a certain fish and if they aren’t reproducing then they could die off due to starvation.

Ocean pollution doesn’t only affect marine life but also rain, that’s right rain. Rain comes from the ocean, when the it heat up from the sun and evaporates into the clouds. It then rains on lands. We drink this rain since we can’t drink ocean water do to it being too salty. Millions of pounds of trash is dissolved in the ocean. When we drink the rain that came from the dissolved water we could become sick from that. Inadition we could have acid rain, which is rain that burns and eats away things. This is caused by extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

According to Ocean Portal Team, “When carbon dioxide dissolves in seawater, the water becomes more acidic and the ocean’s pH (a measure of how acidic or basic the ocean is) drops. Even though the ocean is immense, enough carbon dioxide can have a major impact. In the past 200 years alone, ocean water has become 30 percent more acidic—faster than any known change in ocean chemistry in the last 50 million years.

Yes dumping trash into the ocean is bad, but where else are we supposed to put the billions of pounds of trash. We cant put it on our lands. Just image how ugly places would look if instead we dumped the trash on lands. Everywhere it would smell. We can’t burn it either because that would be bad for the atmosphere and to people that breathe the air. we have to do what we have to do.

Yes some fish will die, but there’s a lot of fish anyways, we can spare some. According to Ana Catarino “There is considerable evidence to suggest that plastic particles are readily released from the gut of organisms without negative effects – and note that researchers have tended to test for concentrations in considerably higher amounts than are found in the environment”. This means that we don’t know for shore is trash really hurts marine life.

There’s actually more life in the ocean then the on land. About fifty to eighty percent of life is in the oceans. So you can see why it’s so bad to pollute the ocean. The ocean is the ocean is the only way we can survive. Im shore instead of dumping our trash into the ocean, we can find a way to put somewhere else, or a way to dispose of it. Dumping trash into the oceans will only bring negative effects on us. It might not right now but on this pace we could have a big problem in the future.


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What are 3 problems in the ocean?
The three biggest problems in the ocean are plastic pollution, overfishing, and climate change.
What is the biggest problem in the ocean right now?
The biggest problem in the ocean right now is climate change and the pollution that comes with it.
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