Bee Movie – Capitalist Society

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The Bee Movie is satirizing our present society. It represents our society which is capitalist where individuals are educated in order to be made into workers and that workers are overworked and tend to be stuck at the same job for their whole lives. Barry, who just graduated is forced into a job and lives in a communist society bordering on a brainwashed environment. On top of this, throughout the movie, there’s a relation to our real world where they provide the use of technology and differentiating the different class system and gender hierarchy. Although there isn’t much of an explicit worker uprising or any type of revolution, it’s a throwing together a social democracy and other types of socialism communism because the results of the trial after Barry wins is basically government taking back everything.

When it was his time to choose a career, which is something Barry doesn’t look forward to, Barry joins up with the jocks for a chance to be outside. He wants to explore and enjoy life. Once given the chance, he discovers that humans consume honey without any sort of bee compensation. Being curious, he followed the truck back to the farm where he discovered a bee sweatshop where bees are subdues with smoke and kept captives by the beekeepers. And this is why Barry sees this honey as stealing because it’s the bees, in this case workers that labor to produce the honey. Just like the movie, we live in a capitalist society today. It’s a monopoly, consisting of one big business, economic and political. Capitalism plays a big role in the society it sustains. Workers don’t realize the social impact that they have when they work in a capitalist empire. Barry, who tries to get out of the capitalist world and pursuit justice by suing the human race in the court after seeing the conditions the human put these bees through. After obtaining their freedom by calling for a return of all irresponsibly sourced honey, they thought they finally escape and rise above the industrialist machine only to realize the horror the world has become without their labor.

With the influx of honey, the bees find themselves out of work and the flowers find themselves out of pollen. In the movie, the honey factory instantly shuts down and everyone for the first time goes home. A common argument towards socialism is if you don’t force someone to work and they wouldn’t have to work, then the work won’t get done. Capitalist society where we are made to work as long as we can so that the capitalists makes as much profit as they can. Barry’s vision in being convinced that communism could actually work but after seeing the results, he wanted it to go back to capitalism. This display capitalism plays a significant job in the movie but also in the society we live in.

These bees are constantly working, without any earnings or rewards. From the day they graduate, they begin to work their day in the factory creating honey. Although the movie does not state who owns this property, we can assume that it’s the human race. For so long, people are thought of as the alpha in the ecosystem, taking honey for granted. These humans tranquilize, abuse and take advantage of the honey where they also work in a dreadful environment. These humans perform beekeeping particularly for the marketplace and profit from the bees, the working class. This is where class system still exists. On top of that, if we consider the relationship between Venessa, who’s human, and Barry the bee, there is an example of a societal segregation. If we consider the bees in the bee movie as workers and they would only need to make as much honey as the hive needs rather than for the want of humans which in this analogy are the capitalist class. In the metaphor of the movie, Barry is a socialist and the movie think they’re socialist would consider capitalism as stealing.

Technology today provide us with many advantages but what if something like the movie actually happen. You can see that they use the different machines in making honey but also for oppressing the bees. It’s an irony that technology’s evolution allows us to grow but also diminish the societies. But once the society come down to its downfall, there was no technology to fix the vegetations that was dying out. You realize the human gender hierarchy was portrayed throughout The Bee Movie as well. These male pollen jocks are muscular, perform demanding tasked by gathering nectars and are the only ones that fly out to see the real world. They are admired by all the female bees. Throughout the movie, you can see that the female bees don’t represent an individual. These female bees are shown more in the house, Barry’s mom for an example. They appear in the background and doesn’t have such lines for conversations. This represents a modern issue which still exists today where gender matters. While women stay at home and their work goes largely underappreciated, men are seen to be supporting the family. The movie selected male bees to be more superior and make them the main characters.

The bee movie doesn’t clearly explain socialism, but it still argues against socialism. The argument it uses a common idea which is the incentive problem. Under capitalism, if you do not own any means of production and or if you aren’t fortunate enough to be born into wealthy, you have no choice but to work for those in higher class or a boss which mean you’re going to be exploited. The less the capitalist gives to the worker, the more money they make profit from it. Capitalists are in a competition with each other to make the most profit and workers are also in competition with each other for jobs. Because in our society, we need money which satisfy our basic needs. Since under communism, everyone would be free to have their basic needs fulfilled, they wouldn’t have to work for terrible wage. We can’t have a socialism because no one will work and then all the civilization or nature will die where in the bee’s case, not doing their work and contributing to society. The bees are free from capitalism of humanity which means they don’t need to produce honey as a quantity they aren’t forced to produce them at all. With all the relationships, whether it’s with human and human, bees with bees or human with bees, this show an example the struggle of colonialism.

In our lives, we are alienated from one another. This movie has similar idea of Marx which is alienation. The beehive pertains is a system to the bees in which forms their society and they live by this system throughout their lives. No one’s gone outside except for the male jocks and no bee is to come in contact with human. And in this society, you produce simply so that what you produce can be sold where you work long hours. In a socialist society, you wouldn’t work so long since there wouldn’t be the profit motive to make a boss forces you to work long hours to make money for them. You instead want to make sure everyone had the basic needs or otherwise provides some useful service in society. And in that society with your service, you would be able to see the benefit of your work to the community. The process of collecting and making honey were automated where the bees are free to do whatever they wanted and desire. So, in conclusion, using how people are in this present society to judge the behavior in a potential future society does not lead to accurate conclusions. But of course, the change from capitalism to socialism isn’t such a simple thing. By the end of the movie, Barry come to realize that socialism leads to the disruption of our natural order.


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