Analysis of the Play “Plot Points in Our sexual Development”

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The play Plot Points in Our sexual Development is a play about a queer relationship that address intimacy, sex and communication between Cecily a cisgender lesbian women and her partner Theo, a transgender that does not as identify as a man nor as a women but he is more likely a man who like lesbian jokes. The play address the challenges that their encounter in their unfamiliar relationship. Unfamiliar in the sense that you do not hear or see their kind issues in a couple often. Also the issues of their sexual compatibility and the unfulfilled expectations of Cecily.

It is a linear play as the couple start telling their different stories from different episodes of their life, from childhood to adolescence, and early adulthood. The first part of the play start with the two sitting on opposite sides of the stage from each other facing the audience, both sitting in chairs speaking turn-taking. They both recall the difficulties they went through when trying to identify their sexuality, from heartbreak, humiliation and confusion. On one hand Cecilia who tried hard to be a women that can be satisfied by a man and on the other hand there is Theo who’ve been in a dilemma of wanting a certain size of penis.

They decided to open up about their different sexuality truthfully and their talk was full of emotions. They both went trough the episode of self-discovery and interrupt one another because of a challenging sexual encounter in which Theo used literalizing penis. Which made Cecily unsure about the continuity of the relationship. The conversation, they had is a very difficult one that do not be address most time. They address their issues by sharing themselves with one another to resolve it and confront each other. Their issues are not easy topics because their stories are quiet embarrassing stories about sexual development.

The settings shift slightly at time during play. There are transitions from alternating the monologues to rotating they’re chairs looking at each other. It’s easy to realize that the two characters are in some kind of therapy or having some intense dialogues. As they go on and on, their stories become more substantial about gender expressions, body images and self representation.

However another issue in this play is revealing the real you to your partner. the atmosphere shift to another phase at some point where there is fight on some very profound reasons such as who they are, loving your partner and most importantly revealing yourself and take the risk of being rejected for whom you truly are. Seeing this play actually made me understand that some truth are very difficult to reveal.

Because it can sometimes end your relationship with a love one. So there is this conflict of your partner not understanding your sexual choices, past or present. Most importantly what is to be learn from this play is being a transgender does not make you a different human being. We are all human, with emotions and sentiment. The play put into light subject that matters and do not be address often. There is a look up to gender nonconformity which makes the play a feminist play as well.

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