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Discussion About Black Boy by Richard Wright And Other Novels

In this journal i will be discussing 5 readings that i found to be really personal intriguing to me and how much i enjoyed reading and analyzing them during class. First i will be discussing Black Boy by Richard Wright. The lessons regarding humanity we can take away from the novel is that everything is…

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Black Boy,


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“Black Boy” by Richard Wright

Narrated by Richard Wright himself, Black Boy is an autobiography following Wright as he began to comprehend the significance of race/color in America and how it was used to determine the value of a person. While telling his childhood story, Wright is perfectly clear in his writing that he was not only raised in an…


Black Boy,

Book Review

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Richard Wright’s Autobiography “Black Boy”

Richard Wright’s Black Boy tells the difficult story of coming of age as a young African American boy during a time of extreme racism in the South. Richard grows up with an extreme sense of distrust for white people, and is often times confused by this unequal treatment of people based upon their skin color….


Black Boy,

Book Review

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Richard Wright

originally published



Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee, and his eventual move to Chicago, where he establishes his writing career and becomes involved with the Communist Party.


Book by Richard Wright

Pages: 419 p

Followed by: The Outsider

Subject: Autobiography, Non-fiction

Dewey Decimal: 813/.52 B 22

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