America’s First Public Schools

Updated July 6, 2022

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America’s First Public Schools essay

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According to “ study moose.com” Around 27,000 public schools and nearly 14,000 private schools have uniforms. The first US public schools known to institute uniform policies were in Maryland and Washington, DC, in the fall of 1987, with Cherry Hill Elementary School in Baltimore, MD, gaining the most publicity They want them to decrease bullying , cost of clothes , and keep students focus on education.

To begin , no kid like to get bullied everyday from the people they see the most I’m pretty sure. But others don’t care or understand the pain they go through because it make them feel good so the power of uniforms will help due to the fact that when everyone is in regular clothing it’s a bigger target for someone that don’t got the same attire as them so when they whole school has on the same thing it’s less stressful for the ones getting picked on. 15% to 45% of bullying has decreased from schools nationwide from wearing uniforms.

Another thing , I know it’s cost a lot for students to have the top name brand clothing to wear but uniforms will cut you a whole lot. Did you know that is cost around $950 for parents who spend on regular clothes for their kids to wear but with uniforms it will be around $150 and that’s Bette that amount for regular clothes. 21% of schools nationwide wear school uniforms. I know every parent would want to save the money for they kids clothes for school.

Every year it’s new things come out during school , so it’s a must that kids get it but that’s always a good things because during school students are having a fashion show and that’s means that students are not paying attention to the teacher lesson , which causing others who are in the class get off task. Students don’t have to be in class to be worrying about clothes but social media play apart into it because when students go home to do homework they can’t when someone posting pictures in new fashion and that catches someone eye and now that student or students are not focusing on they homework. Education is a big part of life so you can get to the next step of your life , you can’t let the next person stop your because of a 30 second walk through It has to stop. To conclude wearing uniforms is a big success from being like others and being better mentally and physically because without uniforms schools would be worse than what they are. They want them to decrease bullying , cost of clothes , and keep students focus on education.

America’s First Public Schools essay

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