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Body Language Helps Identify Lies

Have you ever wondered if your friend was lying? People lie to get away with something, or not to face the outcomes of their consequences. You can tell if a person is lying through his or her body language and the way they act toward you. There are common ways to figure out if someone…

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Its Culture and Embodied Language

A culturally rich community with a unique writing system is one of Bohol’s pride. This cultural group goes by the name Eskaya. The Eskaya are said to be the oldest settlers and one of the most mysterious tribes in the Philippines (History Asia, 2016). They are an indigenous group whose communities are living in the…

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The Messengers

Com-mu-ni-ca-tion: the process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior. Communication can also be summed up as the process of understanding and sharing meaning. What kind of style is needed to clothe your communication? Consider clothing yourself with knowledge of how to start a conversation; put…

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The article offers a study of identity from the linguistic perspective, taking into account that language and culture are indispensable constituents of someone`s identity. The article is aimed at revealing the role of identity as a multitudinary notion and influence of verbal and non-verbal means on its construction, since quite often, interlocutors, interviewees choose not…

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Animals and their way of communicating

For a long time, we as humans have been trying to figure out if animals actually use language and communication skills with other species of their kind. We already know that animals communicate in many ways. However, it is very complicated to explain if animals use language. Sometimes we forget that there is a difference…


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Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation Observations During the S.T.E.A.M. class, the children and adolescents made sling shots out of plastic cups and balloons and complex catapults out of pencils, rubber bands, and balloons. One of the children who was participating in this class was a 7-year-old Hispanic American boy named Manny (pseudonym), who has partial blindness….

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University of Potomac

Introduction Mrs. Brown has been requested to join business group. When she landed at the group meeting, she discovered that the group had been taking a shot at this venture for a while. The group pioneer educated her that there was insufficient time to give her a full introduction and she would need to hop…

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Non-Verbal Communications

In both videos we see Leyla Tacconi and Amy Cuddy talking about non-verbal communications, and throughout each video we are given insight as to how different non-verbal communication methods are seen in the world and how they are interpreted There are many factors that you have to keep in mind when arguing with someone in…

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Have you ever been in love and wondered why that person is even willing to look at you? If not, don’t worry because you’ll have your day soon. Many people ask themselves the question “Why would anyone ever find me attractive?” everyday. There are far more reasons for someone to be attracted to you besides…

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As a hearing individual, one of my favorite things to do in my free time is to play with makeup. I can sit for hours on end learning how to apply makeup and how to accentuate my beauty on sites like YouTube, or I let my own creativity take the wheel and try something completely…

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