A Trip to Greece

Updated June 27, 2021

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A Trip to Greece essay

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Of all things known about Greece, I’m sure most people do not know facts that go into depth about the country. Though some people may know just a few facts. Many people research just the basics for vacations or educational trips to Greece, There’s a lot to learn and enjoy in the country. Greece is huge on historical places to visit; It’s most popular for its ancient history. As most known, Greece was the home of many Greek gods. There’s more to just the history of a country. It’s good to know the most popular foods, the best entertainment, things you could visit and do, and more inside information.

The most typical fact that is known by a majority of people is that Athens is the capital of of the country. Greece became independent from the Ottoman Empire in 1830. Something else that may not be well known is that there are a few languages the people of Greece speak. Obviously, the major and official language of the country is Greek. That’s not all the languages, for there’s a small portion of the people that speak English or French. Since we’re talking about the people of Greece, there are a variety of cultures and religions. Greece seems like it would be somewhat of a large country; Although, it’s not as big as you’d think. There’s a population of 10,768,477 people in the country of Greece. That sounds like a lot, but to sum it up a little bit more, there are 82 people per square mile. Like I mentioned before, Greece is a pretty decent size.

Maybe informing people of another country is a good thing. Plus, it’s always more than great to learn about different ethnic groups and their cultures. Greece is well populated with Greek people, but that’s not the only ethnic group that lives in the country. There’s not very many people that are Albanian in Greece, but there is a handful of them that live in the country. Of course there will always be people with mixed ethnicity groups; They’re labeled as “others” when you research them.

All that means is that there are a variety of different ethnic groups mixed together in people. With ethnicity comes religious groups. Like any other country, people believe what they want from their own personal perspectives. The Greek have many different religions throughout their country. There are people that are Greek Orthodox, Muslim, or have completely different beliefs. Some don’t share their religion, and others don’t quite have a religion.

To help put an image in mind as to how big Greece is, it’s slightly smaller than the size of Alabama. Most people know that Greece sits in the continent of Europe, but not exactly where or what the country is surrounded by. Not only are there land borders around Greece, but there are water borders as well. The land borders of Greece are surrounding countries like Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Cyprus, and Italy. There are only few water borders,but they are the Mediterranean Sea, the Ionian Sea, and the Aegean Sea. More to add onto in- depth information of Greece is the type of government in the country.

Greece has a parliamentary republic government, which means there is a system of government having the real executive power vested in a cabinet composed of members of the legislature who are individually and collectively responsible to the legislature (www.merriam-webster.com). With that being said, the head of Greece is president Prokopis Pavlopoulos. Also, the monetary unit is different that a U.S. dollar. In Greece, their money is called a Euro. One euro is equal to $1.14 of a U.S. dollar.

Usually the economy of a country is based on the exports, imports, or agriculture. It is typical for a country to grow or produce their own materials to trade with other neighbouring countries for their materials. Greece’s imports are machinery, transport equipments, fuels, and chemicals. These are the materials that Greece gets from other countries. The materials that Greece exports, or trades, are food and beverages, manufactured goods, petroleum products, chemicals, and textiles. As I previously stated, a country’s economy is also based off agriculture, not just imports and exports. Most countries, like Greece, grow their own crops. The main crops that Greece produces are cotton, fig, olives, peaches, potatoes, sugar beets, and tomatoes (www.cia.gov). Economy also involves the per capita GDP of a country which in Greece was $27, 700 since 2017.

People are mostly attracted to Greece due to its famous and historic background. Ancient Greece is very popular because it has some of the most famous places that refer back to Greek gods. Some of the well-known places are Olympia, Corinth the Ancient City, and Meteora. Olympia hosted the first original olympics. It is also the home of the statue of the god Zeus (www.britannica.com). Corinth the Ancient City is an ancient and modern city of the Peloponnese (www.britannica.com). Finally, Meteora is a rock with a religious sanctuary built at the top of the rock formation. Many monks and hermits hide away in this unique place (www.theatlantic.com). Museums are a big attraction to Greece as well because of the ancient history of the Greek gods and goddesses.

There’s much more to see than just ancient Greece, though it is very pretty. Cities and islands pull people to Greece just as much as the ancient cities. Along with Athens, there are some important cities that tourists like to visit. Some of these cities are Santorini, Kavala, Thessaloniki, Patras, and Volos. Those are just some of the more known cities of the beautiful country. These cities are actually popular for tourists to visit. People pay to get tours around these cities. Some of these tours are week long tours that take through all of these cities and gives you tasks and take you on quite an adventure through the country.

The most popular places to visit in Greece revolve around the Greek gods and goddesses. There are temples for the most important one such as Olympia, where the statue of Zeus is. To add on there are temples like the Temple of Hera which is also important being that she was Zeus’ wife. I know it’s not a temple but there is a stadium, called the Olympic Stadium, that has been there for as long as people can remember. This stadium is where the first Olympics were held. There is also a town that contains a lot of history within itself. This town is called Corfu. There are museums and churches that have many artifacts, statues, and texts (www.flipkey.com). I cannot stress enough how much you could learn from visiting Greece.

I haven’t really mentioned the food in Greece, but there are a few that seem to be quite popular there. Now this is not all of them just a few. The most popular or better known foods are baklava, courgette balls, gyros, and moussaka. The names and sight of these foods don’t seem to pleasing but I’m sure they taste amazing. Baklava is a desert with sugar, syrup, and nuts all covering phyllo.

Courgette balls are, I guess you could say, fried zucchini in the shape of balls. Gyros is pretty much roasted meat that is layered in bread with other vegetables and condiments. Finally, moussaka is like lasagna, layered meat with tomato sauce (bucketlistjourney.net). There is a great list of foods that are suggested to try if you ever want to visit Greece. If you’re picky, you may not like the food being that it’s something new to your taste buds. But, you won’t know if you like something if you never try it.

Europe is extremely astonishing but it has more extraordinary countries within the continent. Personally, Greece is one of the most amazing countries. Not only does it have such an amazing, historic background but it also has the most beautiful cities. There are various places to visit that are fascinating and incredible. As a tourist I bet there are plenty of great things to learn and experience from a trip to Greece. If there is one place I’d love to visit, it would be Greece.

A Trip to Greece essay

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