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Relations between Great Britain and China

In the 1700s, an increased productivity was the result of a series of innovations and reforms that required less human energy and for factories and mechanisms to develop. Furthermore, the industrial revolution began in Great Britain due to the emergence of the textile industry, cloth assembled by hand in the homes of these workers for…


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Titanic Research Paper Example

The Titanic left began its voyage on April 10th, 1912, it left from Southampton, England and was scheduled to arrive in New York on April 17th, 1912. The Titanic was built by White Star Lines under the management of J. Bruce Ismay. While the ship was originally designed to take passengers from England, France, and…

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US History

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Boris Johnson’s Election and Brexit

Despite not having a parliamentary majority, Johnson’s new legislative agenda has just been approved by the House of Commons. Instead of popping open the champagne and getting ready to crack on with governing, Johnson is gearing up for an early general election. On Thursday afternoon, the Prime Minister said that he would give lawmakers more…


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Effect of Brexit on Insurance Industry

The United Kingdom has been a member of the EU for 43 years and consequently, this membership has enabled businesses to trade openly across the entire EU market. For the insurance industry this has meant that UK insurers were able to write businesses in other EU countries without any further local capital requirements. Since Brexit…


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Great Britain

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Effect of Brexit on UK Economy

Background In a referendum on 23 June 2016, a small majority (52%) of those voting supported leaving the EU. On 29 March 2017, the UK government invoked Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. The United Kingdom is due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019 at 11 p.m. when the period for…



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The Stages of Process of Legislation to Make a Law

The process of legislation is used when parliament decide to make a law and they use the stages of process of legislation. The process starts off with drafting and this is where the Green paper then the white paper is used. The next stage is the first reading, this is when there is a formal…


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Growth of Medium Law Firms in Scotland after Brexit

Scottish law firms are facing many challenges since the UK decided to leave the European in the summer 2016. (Brexit referendum) Then, medium-sized law firms are also facing many of the similar competitions as their greater foils. This event is no doubt that the law firms and legal expert service’s demand remains high, and the…


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Germany, France, Britain and Russia During World War 1

World War 1, also called “The Great War”, lasted for a little more than 4 years from 1914-1918. This war was between the Central Powers and the Allies. Germany was a part of the Central Powers while France, Britain and Russia were with the Allied powers. Germany, France, Britain and Russia all used the war…

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World War 1

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Argument Mapping of William Labov’s Article

The goal of this paper is to present an ‘argument mapping’ of William Labov’s article, “The Logic of Nonstandard English”.The way I will proceed to map Labov’s argument is by defining terms and enhance all the supporting evidence that I find important in understanding the full argument. I will then go on to map the…


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Legal Professionals of the English Legal System

The distinction between the legal professionals of the English legal system is clouded and lacks any real divergence in their respective roles. English legal system is one of the oldest legal systems underlying the legal systems of some countries like America. We are talking about English legal system and not about United Kingdom legal system,…

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Great Britain is an island separated from the European mainland by the English Channel and North Sea. It comprises the nations of England, Scotland and Wales. Its long history is evident in prehistoric sites such as Neolithic Stonehenge and medieval castles like those at Warwick, Dover and Caernarfon. Roman ruins include Hadrian’s Wall, which once divided Roman Britain from the northern Scottish Lowlands. ― Google


Area: 80,823 mi²

Location: Northwestern Europe

Pop. density: 302/km2 (782/sq mi)

Population: 64.55 million (2018) ONS UK

Island group: British Isles

The topography of Great Britain consists mainly of low, gently rolling hills in the eastern and southern portions of the island and hills and low mountains in the western and northern regions.Aug 30, 2019


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