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History of English Language

The English language has evolved over time through three different phases- Old English, Middle English and Modern English. Old English is the oldest recorded stage of English and is very different from today’s English. Even a native or fluent English speaker would find it difficult when they try to understand Old and Middle English. And…



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History of British Literature

A theme is defined as an idea or subject that repeatedly occurs in literary pieces. Throughout history, recurring themes in British literature have played an important role in shedding light on serious concerns of mankind. Feminism and the representation of gender roles began in ancient times and are still current today. Another important theme is…



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Theme of Identity Construction and Transformation in Contemporary British Literature  

Identity has been one of the key issues in social sciences’ debates in the past decades. Because of the amount of discussions and critiques around the concept of “identity”, it is perhaps the most transparent but also the most ambiguous notion in contemporary cultural studies, literary criticism and social theory. Different definitions have been given…



Theme In Literature

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The Impact of English Culture On The World

English culture, undoubtedly, has had a huge impact across the world. Throught its traditions, customs and noteworthy and respectable cultural figures, significant contributions were made by english speakers in many arts, such as music and cinema, and instituitions throughout time. However, before we analyse this it is important to understand what culture really is and…



Culture and Communication

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Happiness and Personal Finance

The world happiness report (2019) has represented that the higher incomes are associated with higher levels of happiness among a nationality. The average level of happiness has not been moving in a parallel line along with incremental income. In other words, it is factual that as country get richer, but they not get happier However,…


Can Money Buy Happiness,


Personal Finance

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Historical Movie Review: Churchill’s Darkest Decision

Abstract In the summer of 1940 Germany started invading the Western European countries like Belgium , The Netherlands , Luxembourg etc . Germany seemed unstoppable as they overran the French and now they were a bug threat to British , only the English Channel stood between the Nazis and the British. Then British prime minister…



Movie Review

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