A Report on Huricanes, a Natural Disaster in the United States

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Planet Earth is our home in space. It is a planet of continuous changes that started billions of years ago and that will continue for billions of years to come. Sometime the earth undergoes changes or movements that are rapid and effect our environment and safety. These rapid changes are known as natural disasters.

These include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, typhoons (hurricanes), tsunamis, floods, droughts, fires, and other events which are indications of interactions of mass and energy on the surface of our planet. Such natural disasters are unavoidable because they are beyond our control and almost all cannot be prevented. However, mankind, being as adaptable as it is, has learned to live with all these hazards.

Each day, natural disasters destroy our communities and affect the lives of our families, neighbors, and businesses. Researchers and lay people of today are paying considerable attention to risk and disasters. Disasters can strike at any time, and some disasters, such as fires, can occur everyday. Natural disasters affect the lives of many thousands of people each year. Within minutes, a natural disaster can rip apart a community, and change the lives of its residents forever. People who understand disasters and know what to do beforehand and after a disaster hits, can significantly reduce disaster deaths and property damage.

Understanding natural disasters can often help control their effects, thus preserving life and property. Some of the changes that take place on our earth, like the rising and erosion of mountains, are very slow, taking millions of years. Others, like the sudden appearance of storms, are rapid by comparison. The tectonic movements responsible for earthquakes, are sudden and unpredictable. They are usually catastrophic, particularly if they occur in densely populated areas. Typhoons, storms, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, and numerous other hazards are also unpredictable changes that can result in loss of life and destruction to property.

On a large scale, they are uncontrollable catastrophes that can cause human suffering, displacement, and chaos- both economic and social. These can consist of various manifestations and are the most devastating things in human lives which can affect large numbers of people, destroy vast areas, and yet, over which mankind has.

The second part of our report will be about hurricanes. A hurricane is an intense tropical low- pressure area with winds that are 120 kilometers per hour or greater. Hurricanes are also called tropical cyclone or typhoon. The most damage a hurricane does is when the storm surges hits. Storm surges are currents. They form when the hurricane piles up water along the shore and then blows it inland. They are much more damaging during high tide.

Hurricanes grow larger and more powerful from the vast amounts of energy that go into them by condensing water vapor. Unlike a tornado hurricanes have no fronts. The middle of a hurricane is called the eye. The eye of the storm is usually 15 to 150 kilometers in diameter. However because the air in the eye in sinking there is no rain. There is almost no wind either. The eye is surrounded by intense thunderstorms called the eye wall. When you are in the eye of the hurricane you may think it the storm is over but then the other side of the hurricane hits.

You may think the storm is over in the eye because there is no wind or rain and the sky may even be blue. The winds in a hurricane get stronger as they go into the center of the hurricane and they are most violent just outside of the eye. When A hurricane is fully growing it is about 650 kilometers in diameter with winds about 120 miles per hour. Unlike a tornado a hurricane can last for days at a time. They die out because they lose moisture. That is the hurricanes main need. Hurricanes require the upwelling of warm and moist air for them to keep on going. This report helped us learn more about hurricanes and tornadoes that we didn t know before. It told us things that were very interesting and that we would never now unless we did this report.

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