Women and Politics

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Since the Ice Age, there has always been this thing where men felt like they were more superior than women and they could do any and everything and do it better than women. In this day and age, men and women are veering in the direction of trading spaces in professions such as men becoming nurses and women becoming mechanics or truck drivers trades you would never think a woman would do because it’s either too dirty for them or it makes them look manlier. But we often ask the question and wonder why it is so easy for a woman to go into this profession prove themselves and be accepted but we can be trusted to become President of the United States or in a red state become Governor for that state. Why does gender matter so much to the world?

Women in Politics

In the 1960s, just over half of Americans said they could vote for a woman for president, a share that rose quickly over the next few decades, according to Gallup. And in 2015, 92 percent of respondents said they’d vote for a ‘generally well-qualified’ woman from their party, roughly similar to the share who said the same of Catholics and blacks. (Kurtzleben, 2016)

Men Vs Women

In the world today, you’d think that men and women would be equal, but they are not. Some men of the world today feel like we should still be in the stone ages and women should submit and be “barefoot and pregnant” The majority of the population feels more comfortable with a man running the country versus a female. They feel a female won’t be able to get the job done. They feel like their emotions will come into play and they will think with their heart instead of their heads during crunch time. Women are downplayed on so many issues, but it’s the women in a time of need who are the calmer and have the cooler head and won’t panic. But will never get their chance as long as the population of men are being biased and not giving them a chance.

More Women in Politics

There are several reasons why the population feel like there aren’t more women in office, women are significantly more likely than men to observe the electoral environment as highly competitive and biased against female candidates. Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin’s candidacies provoked women’s observations of gender bias in the electoral arena. Women are much less likely than men to think they are qualified to run for office. Female prospective candidates are less modest, less poised, and more risk opposed than their male counterparts. Women react more negatively than men to many aspects of modern campaigns. Women are less likely than men to receive the suggestion to run for office — from anyone. Women are still responsible for the majority of child care and household tasks.

Republicans don’t want the women

The biggest difference between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to electing more women may be simple: Many Republicans don’t think that should be a goal. (Jr., 2018) Republican men stand apart from the rest of the nation. The majority of Republican men say that women have to do more to prove themselves, Republican women are also significantly more likely than men in their party to say that sexual harassment, differences in party support, and voters keep women out of office.

Women avoiding politics

There are three reasons women are avoiding politics. They are institutional structure or policies, social and cultural issues, and psychological or motivational factors.

Ways to increase women participation

The ways to increase women participation so that they will feel secure about running for office are to ensure that all women and girls go to school and have an education as men do. There must be continued learning on the rights of women and girls, including the rights to suffrage and political involvement. Learning activities must not only be targeted at women and girls but also to men. All women have the right to vote and are encouraged to do so. Laws must be put in place on gender equality and those that encourage women political involvement. Women must be provided with leadership and skill workshops. There must be efforts made to encourage the organization and growth of women’s movements the media must also be provided with information sessions and training on how to cover women, political candidates.

In this 2018 Governor’s election, I watched a state divided and voters not treated fairly due to an African American woman running and a Republican candidate who was also running for governor and over the official votes. This within itself would turn a woman off from running for office because the boy took up for the boys and the women voting didn’t feel comfortable with helping get a woman into office.


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