Why the Real Tarzann is the Best Role Model

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Michael Holston also known as the Real Tarzann is a 24 year old, environmental warrior who fights for the preservation of the environment.

Travelling to a beach located in Miami, Florida, he picked up buckets of rubbish off the beaches for a peaceful protest against offshore drilling.

Currently, he is building more on to his zoo which is inhabited by goats, turtles, lizards, komodo dragons, monkeys, snakes lots of snakes.

Most of the income from the zoo is going to be donated to Africa and helping endangered species.

By using social media pages he can inform people about the exotic creatures he spends time with day to day.

He quoted during a video “everyone one can dream but it is those who conquer their nightmares that can truly chase that dream” meaning that those who surpass all the criticism can actually do something with their life.

Michael is a wildlife biologist, teacher and zookeeper, who spends most of his day looking after his beloved creatures and occasionally goes out to schools to inform kids of how amazing animals can be and how important it is we save our environment and treat it well.

Tarzann has educated millions of people actually 5.5 million on Instagram, 525 thousand on YouTube and has travelled the world to visit many schools to inform the next generations hoping they will do something about the problem of mistreatment towards animals and people not caring for the environment.

In Michael’s spare time (when he’s not teaching kids or saving the environment) Michael spends time with his animals or builds more enclosures for his zoo or picking rubbish off from the ground.

He has visited many places around the world, recently he visited Australia and Brazil to fight for the conservation of the environment and learn more about the wildlife that live around the world.

I can’t imagine a better role model than Michael Holston (THE REAL TARZANN). He cares for people, the environment and wildlife. Hopefully, people can receive his message and spread it across the world so the world can come to understand that we need the environment and the animals living among us.


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