Why I Like Math Classes

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Math is one of the subjects I used to hate the most. I disliked it when teachers would ask me to solve a question on the board. I hate it when I have to join a math fair project because teachers impelled me to. However, having positive feedback in my math fair project boosted my confidence.

As I started getting good at it, my hatred for the subject had lessened. Things changed when I had two math classes in high school in Grade 9th. That is when I realized that I was not capable enough in solving math questions.

The first math class I had to attend in high school was all about solving tricky questions. The teacher would group us into four or five students. We would check and review each other’s answers and give comments afterward. I was confident with my answers, but the people in my group were great critics. My confidence started to melt like an ice-cream on a hot summer day in August. At least the grades given by our teacher for those questions saved few of the ice-cream. Yet, I enjoyed most days in that math class except the part where I had to sit with the group. I realized that my confidence should not be affected by criticisms, especially not by comments from classmates who were there to learn just like me.

I passed the first math class, so I was confident for the second. The questions were a lot more advanced. We had to solve 12 worksheets in every three booklets within the semester and a final booklet before it ends. I was thrilled, curious and nervous at the same time when it came to checking the grades, but those feelings quickly changed by disappointment.

I got failing grades on all three booklets, but I thought this should not affect my confidence. Before solving the final booklet, I went through all those three booklets and looked where I went wrong. Keeping the corrections and feedback in mind, I solved the final booklet, and I was very delighted when I received a passing grade.

From these math classes, I became fully aware that how we love or hate math does not determine our skills. There is always time for improvement even if we’re not good at something. We would get negative feedback and failing grades sometimes, but we would also receive passing grades or satisfactions other times. The key thing is we keep on learning and believing in ourselves. Never give up on things we love and are capable of.

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