What Mean Weaknesses

Updated April 25, 2022

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What Mean Weaknesses essay

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Weaknesses means that the characteristics of a business that gives disadvantage in the business and prevent the company achieve their goals and success. Weaknesses are the restrictions of Elken might face in the implementation or development of the marketing strategy. Elken needs to acknowledge the weaknesses and handle it without hesitation.

One of the weaknesses of Elken is that some of the products of Elken are expensive. (1) The high price of Elken product may cause the customer to purchase other product from the competitors. For example, Elken Lingerie Elysyle Arm Sharper is around RM1208. (2). In addition, Elken Biopure had get the good feedback from the users. Biopure is a high-tech purification system which is the ONLY solution for perfect pure water. Biopure is scientifically proven to effectively remove minute contaminants as small as 0.0001 microns via a 5-step filtration process. One of their customer, Ms Hee said that before using Biopure her skin will always fell itchy and lacked radiance. After using it, her skin had improved and no longer fell itchy. Some of the users gave the feedback after using Biopure, their health is getting better and no need to worried about the toxins in the fruits and vegetables. (3) Although it had a good review from the users, but it is expensive for middle and lower income families. They want to have a good quality product, but they can’t afford of their expensive price.

Furthermore, another weakness faced by Elken is the poor management. (4) Management is very important for a company to achieve their goals. From the reviews of employees, workers didn’t have the team spirit in each department. Workers always do their individual works and lack of communicate with each other. Even though some of them had given out their opinions but their opinions are always not appreciated, respected or taken into action. This make the employees very disappointed. Besides, the management always change the decision and like to do last minute work for the importance things. Higher management don’t even concern how the work is hard for a worker to complete it one day before the deadline. Employees also need to work for a long working hours and do a lot of works than the salary. Poor management may not only come from the employees might also from the business culture. Elken management still using outdated and manual practices such as paper printing and manual documents submission. It wastes the time and makes a lot of paper wastage.


To overcome the weaknesses of Elken which is some of the products are expensive, Elken should have a better marketing planning. Elken production can reduce the input costs for product development but in the same way maintaining the products’ quality. So that the customers can purchase the product in the lower price and get the good quality products. Moreover, Elken can encourage the customer to join and become Elken’s members. Thus, Elken can always inform their members that there is having special offer of the products and Elken’s members are allow to purchase Elken’s with a discount. Elken can organise more events through the festival to hold the promotions. For example, Elken can held the event during May and June to celebrate Father’s and Mother’s days. To encourage families to buy their health products with the great promotions.

Besides, poor management is also the weaknesses faced by Elken. Elken should improve or change the method of their management to overcome this weakness. Elken can send their employees or department leader to attend some management seminars and courses to improve their leadership and management skills. They could learn some skills of manage people and arrange the tasks. This can avoid the last minute work and employees no need to work for long hour problems. For the problem of management always change the decision, department manager should have a good planning and directing the workers to follow the plans. Some experience workers also can have the own seminars in the company to share their experiences and how they succeed in their jobs in Elken with the new employees. Elken can also motivate and incentive the employees by offering different types of benefits such as extra bonus for the worker that hit the monthly sales target. Other than that, Elken can also always organize some weekend activity like team building or the annual party and encourage all the employees to attend. These activities can let the workers get more to know each other and the relationship will become closer. Elken should change their working method from manual practices to the technology. Workers can submit the document by using Gmail. This will become more convenient and efficiently and can reduce the paper wastage.

What Mean Weaknesses essay

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