Violence in Video Games

Updated July 14, 2022

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Violence in Video Games essay

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Have you ever been told that violent video games can ruin your brain or better yet make you make bad choices? In many excruciating way they are wrong! If anything they are helping your brain! Some out of many reasons are if you play these video games they will help majorly increase your reaction time and the way you deal with situations, some casual or a major dilema. Some games even teach you as far as lore, old prehistoric ages, or just as far as thousands of years into the future. It’s also been majorly proven that theses games can help people with mental illness and maybe as far as diseases. Most maybe even all of the video games handle with the ability to teach strategy to the situation they are in. In all of the ways i prove that then are not bad i list multiple examples of each subject! Violent video games do not cause bad behavior in real life. As most of them test your reaction time of your body and how you deal with situations. Such as games like call of duty. This game will be in another subject but it

mainly tests your reaction time.For say in this game you and the enemy are across the map from each other. One of the main things are who can aim and shoot first and who has the best with either using cover or avoiding the bullets. Another thing is with awareness. In situations like with close quarters you have to listen for the enemy’s movements like footsteps or actions. Another game would be shadow of war. One of the main things is that enemies can come out of nowhere. For many things catigors which or basically oversized tigers can jump out of bushes and attack you and you have to press a sequence of fast paced buttons to kill it. Another way is while battling a captain they can charge at you and you would have to do the same thing to not take any damage. Another major thing is video games help you deal with situations in games that also you can refer to in real life. One of the main games that i would choose for this would be until dawn. In until dawn you make decisions based on what you think is right and later on it might end up being the worst decision out of the two maybe even the best. The game majorly influences the butterfly effect.

Video games also have the ability to teach you about life whether it be past, present or future. Mythology is one of the biggest things that games tech and is a bit underrated. One of those games includes God Of War. In god of war it teaches you about greece, rome, sparta and athens. In it you fight against the greek gods in your quest to get

revenge on your wife and kid. As you go you learn about the story and more about the greek gose and how evil they truly are. Later on you defeat the greek gods then in the next time you play in norse mythology and learn even more about that. Ages as far as the egyptians or closter up to the 1900s assassins creed takes you through events as far as when we were not a civil state. As you play through the game you encounter people like napoleon bonaparte and george washington. Another game i have already use would be call of duty. In the early ages of call of duty it thought the player about how the army handled world war one and world war two. For example the mission you storm the beach of normality in attempt to make the first step in defeating the nazis.

Video games can help mentally and physically ill people and maybe even as far as diseases.Games can help people overcome depression. For example the game “Sparx” has been said to help 2/4 of the amount of depressed people and most fully recover. In Sparx the player is put through situations and shows how people in the present deal with feelings good or bad. It also shows how they manage things with the area around them. Another reason is that it helps people deal with the way they see things. “Some video games help kids overcome fear”. Games help people fight cancer and other diseases as well.”Playing Re-Mission helped him fight against cancer”. In the game Re-Mission you use weapons to defeat cancer. As your playing you can use medication to stop it from evolving even more.

Most games mainly teach you about strategy. In most cases you have to attack a certain point, defend a area, or just just both. In most cases video games are one of the best things to teach about is because its like a little sandbox to test and plan. A big game that would people use with strategy would be rainbow six siege. In rainbow six siege your team have to either attack or defend against your enemies. You use special operators to set up your defences like ads’s, nitro cells, deployable shields, barbed wire and traps. While playing each operator has their own gadgets that you and your team can use to place down for defence and or traps in doorway alongside the objective for maximum defence. Another game would be ark survival evolved.

In ark you go throughout the World and you gather resources to defend you base. While you are gathering resources to build defences you can also ame dinosaurs to aid you in you defence. Some dino in the game are extremely crucial in attacking a specific base. Another game that is based on strategy would be a famous anime pokemon. In pokemon you go off on a journey to build you team of pokemon of the elite four. While finding pokemon they all have their ups and downs.You want to build the best team with the most diversity with pokemon that can take on all types. The main detail is to have the type advantage and to have the best natures your pokemon you can get. Last game for strategy has to go to overwatch.

In overwatch you and your team have to attack or defend a objective or payload. In overwatch you have special character that can do their own things. The classes are spread across DPS, tank, and support.While defend it is good to have one of each and use your ultimate and regular abilities to trap and prepare for the attackers. For attacking it is also good to have one of each but more DPS to even the odds out. It’s all about teamwork.

These are some of the reasons why video games are not bad. Games are in many was good and help you daily things. I’m concluding these reasons that video games do not cause Violence in real life.

Violence in Video Games essay

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Violence in Video Games. (2021, Dec 23). Retrieved from https://samploon.com/video-game-violence-do-not-cause-violence-in-real-life/

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