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Ambivalent Sexism Inventory Theory

Previous research has shown that gender-based stereotypes had influenced and gave an impact towards juror perceptions of criminal defendants by recording their verdict and evaluation of the case (Strub & Masser, 2015). Within the case, the gender of the participants and witness was manipulated and the level of participants’ benevolent sexism thus, at very least,…

Gender Stereotypes,



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Sex Discrimination in the Workplace

Introduction What is sex discrimination? Sex and gender are often used interchangeably in conversation, but there is a clear difference. Sex, as defined in the social sciences, is the anatomy of a male or female. Gender is usually associated with male or female characteristics. But discrimination based on one or both is illegal under the…



Workplace Violence

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How to Overcome Sexism in School

While all people within America have the chance to participate in the pursuit and endeavors of their dreams, equity is not a reality for all. Sexism is prejudice or discrimination that favors one gender, still a large issue within the world that keeps us further away from equity. In the context of schools, sexism refers…

Gender Equality,



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Does Sexism Exist in Schools

Sexism is prejudice or discrimination that favors one gender. In the context of schools, sexism refers to one gender, either male or female, being discriminated against. It is women who experience sexism more than their male counterparts. Men will benefit more because the systems were created to favor them in one way or another. Moreover,…

Gender Discrimination,



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Negative Impact of Sexism and Gender Discrimination

Sexism refers to the differential treatment of one gender to another. Especially reflected in men’s unequal treatment of women. This kind of view about the prejudice and oppression of the other half has been accepted by most men and even many women, which shows that sexism has a profound impact. Nowadays, gender discrimination is mainly…




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Sexism, Sexual Harassment, and Public Transportation

The emotional well-being of individuals can be greatly affected when reflecting on the topic of sexism with women and sexual harassment. Women are seen by men and society as wanting to exert control over them, either through their feminist ideology or through their sexuality (Lemonaki, Manstead and Maio, 2015). Women are heavily influenced by hostile…


Sexual Harassment

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Limitations of Women’s Opportunities and Sexism in GCC Countries

Introduction In this research paper, the main aim was to investigate sexism. By definition, sexism is giving preferential treatment to a specific gender. Specifically, GCC countries are limiting the opportunities of women to a great extent. The social issue, sexism is interesting because it is quite common in our daily lives as men have more…

Gender Equality,


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Sexist Manifestations through Gender Roles

We may also think that the concepts of gender roles and gender stereotypes are similar. However, the roles are the behaviours that every person adjusts to their characteristics and with which he or she positions himself or herself towards society, whereas gender stereotypes are attitudes towards members of either sex. In relation to gender, the…

Gender Roles,


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How to Empower Yourself and Your Daughter to Combat Sexism

Kate Whiting of the World Economic Forum states that closing the gender gap will take 108 years, as stated in its 2018 Global Gender Gap Report. Sexism is not over yet. In fact, countless women experience sexual harassment or violence online or at work, Claire Lampen of Mic explains. Sexism happens everywhere and it becomes…

Gender Stereotypes,


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The Critical Race Theory, Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, Debility Theory

One of the most absorbing, yet fundamental chapters to read at present is Sensoy’s and DiAngelo’s Is Everyone Really Equal? Sensoy and DiAngelo take actions toward a more impartial society accessible to all students of all ages. These authors illuminates the truth about social inequality. Sensoy and DiAngelo take a clear action towards oppression and…

Critical Race Theory,




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Sexism or discrimination on the basis of sex and gender is one of the problems affecting the lives of people around the world. What you might want to mention in your sexism essay is that the problem works both ways and that men can become the victims of sexism too. However, women are more likely to suffer from sexism and experience the negative outcomes of this problem. Additionally, non-binary people are even more likely to get discriminated against. You can see this problem everywhere, and you can even write sexism in video games essay exploring how video games are more geared towards a male audience. You can also write sexism in the workplace essay to explore how gender plays a crucial role in the relationships between people at the workplace. Overall, there’s no denying that sexism is a real problem that needs to be addressed, and your essay might be a step towards spreading the right message and letting people know about this issue.

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