Violence in Video Games Should Be Limited

Updated July 14, 2022

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Violence in Video Games Should Be Limited essay

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My name is Chris and we’re going to tell you about how video games are violent. Video games are getting too real these days, which can make the injuries seem more realistic. And That video games are causing violence in the real world because kids like to imitate most thing they see at home and some of that is for video games and they might see the video game character jump off a cliff and respawn they might think that “Hey if that character can do that and come back i can to.”

Some kids might be playing these games and start to think of commiting acts like in the video game. That’s why I think that there needs to be stricter rules for  selling adult rated video games. Some games like Wolfenstein in the first order it had you kill Nazis in violent ways. DOOM  has you kill these demons and sometimes you can jump on their face and saw it in half. “Mortal Kombat X when they took down their opponents three times you get to a do a gruesome move to kill the opponent”. Some kids might get the idea to try or that that in real life.

Some video games might make you so mad you might hit someone or break something of your own. Evidence clearly proves violent video games can cause aggressive behavior in kids. Some people say that the blood and gore is particularly disturbing because the characters look too realistic. In Mortal Kombat, the characters look realistic so when they took down their opponent three times they got to do a fatality that consists of ripping their opponents heart out of their chest but when the character dies, the character falls over in a more real way than in some video games.

Columbine high school in 1999 two teenagers killed 12 people after playing a game of DOOM that is a shooter game that consists of violence. When Hillary Clinton if she became president she would make a campaign that stopped the sale of Adult video games to children. If they were sold to children the store would be penalized and that might of stopped a school shooting in Columbine High School. Psychological studies show that violent video games can have a long lasting effect on children. They might scream, yell, hit, and shover other kids.

Kids might become aggressive after playing a violent game, because of that they have ESBR rating´s that makes it more helpful to the parents to figure out which games are bad and good, because the rating is E for everyone that means that the game is friendly . E 10+ that means there might be cartoon violence and mild language. T means blood and use of strong language. M for blood, drug use, partial nudity, strong language, violence. 18+ has everything that M but more mature.

To sum it up that selling adult rated videos games should have better restrictions so that would help the decrease of video game violence

Violence in Video Games Should Be Limited essay

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