Understanding of Work in Collaboration

Updated January 11, 2022

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Understanding of Work in Collaboration essay

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Collaboration is known as a process of producing the work with more than one person and work as a group. As in today this is very important in work places and could also be seen when you play sports. For example when you play sports you need to work as a team to overcome the team and win as a group. There are different kind of skills for collaboration as in giving and receiving feedback from your peers or other team member in order to perform the task. And also a big one which is giving credit for good ideas with others.

There are different kind of characteristics for an effective team member as in allowing everyone in decision making process, considering ideas and suggestion from others, and also understanding the group process quickly. Some of the skills you will see would be increasing time management and it also leads the team to success. Some techniques could be collecting feedback from the customers and the feedback has to be from thrustworly source or from the customers. From the feedback you getting from other people this can increase the quality in products and can help you change something to make it better

Ineffective is define as not producing any significant or desired effect. An ineffective team member she or he will not listen to the team members and they wouldn’t try at all. Another thing would be that they would have very low contributions and there wouldn’t be any goal. Some of the action as a group will be talking to the face to face and explaining what he is doing wrong for the group and give him some techniques that could flip those negative or wrong things around.

I believe that if you are communicating with your group members and are on the same page then y’all are collaborating well. You need to be able to communicate whenever you are working on a group project. You need to make sure you are following the guidelines and like the meet up dates or whenever you need to turn something in. Also you need to be a good group member by like always looking for what’s missing or ask questions or ask if there is something that needs to be done.

I started with being the first one to communicate with my group since i had a feeling that the group was a bit of shy or so. So an email or text will be what will get the project on going. Then delegation is next so everyone can know what is their part and what everyone has to do on the project. Collaboration is a good thing because you can all have something to do and not only one person will have to struggle with the work so it can go smooth for everyone. We used google docs because we could do our part and then send it to the other person and they plugged in their part or edit something if needed.

I feel like we liked this procedure because we would communicate and got things done just how it was planned. There should be more communication but other than that our collaboration system is easy, simple and it gets the job done.

Understanding of Work in Collaboration essay

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