Uncertainties and Inequalities Black DACA Beneficiaries Face

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The article largely addresses the uncertainties and inequalities black DACA beneficiaries face while waiting for the United States judicial system to decide if the amnesties provided under the DACA program are unconstitutional. The article informs African American female leaders in various roles vow to ensure the interest of black immigrants are not ignored as the nation contends with immigration matters on numerous facades. It argues black immigrants face more challenges such as racial profiling, are subjected to longer detention holds and swift deportation follow through.

The article cites studies and reports from several civil rights organizations, and declarations from black female congressional lawmakers that serve both sides of the political arena in support of DACA resumption. In addition to various research agencies that offer documented statistical information that identifies the number of black undocumented immigrants residing in America typically migrated to America through diversity visas and family reunification.

The article is somewhat biased because it only offers viewpoints from female lawmakers and civil rights advocates, the male perspective is absent from the article. Opposing perspectives are also absent from the article, however, the article is informative and gives the reader new perspective from the eyes of both black female Republican and Democratic lawmakers who support DACA, in addition, to the civil rights organizations who are pushing for civil liberties to be constant for all undocumented immigrants.

I trust the source information cited throughout the article to be accurate and verifiable in terms of statistical data and information relevant to DACA aesthetics. Owen’s blend of veracities, research, and individual views influence the reader’s outlook, that immigration is inconsistent throughout America when it comes to people of color.

The article helps form a new perspective I did not have before as it relates to who the media typically identifies as the immigrating aesthetic. I can easily refer to this source to help shape my argument on immigration issues in America as it pertains to people of color. Being of African American descent I want my paper to reflect how DACA affects black undocumented individuals.

Quote: “When we look at immigration, it’s usually through a lens of the newly arrived Latino population, but there is a much more expansive group of individuals within our borders who are relatively new as well. They’re a huge population of African descent coming from throughout the diaspora, whether it’s Continental Africa, South and Central America or the Caribbean.” Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (D-NY).

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