Traits that Describe Me

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I am someone that works hard and strives to do the best in everything. I am responsible and always ensure my tasks are completed on time. I dedicate to priority tasks that are more important as I am not someone who can multitask. Also, I have the desire to learn more to improve myself. I am more interested in numbers and in monetary matters. I have organisational skills, as usually for group projects, I am the one who plans and divides the complex projects into smaller components and assigns other members to work on different components. I also have time management skills as I prioritise urgent matters first, so I do not wait until the very last moment to start my work so as to provide better quality work and complete tasks on time. I also have the discipline to control myself to keep away from distractions when there are right things to do at the right time.

I am pursuing a business-related course as it is one of the more popular fields and I would like to do something related to business in the future. Also, I am not really a science-person, so I am more interested in business, and industries under business provide a myriad variety of career choices that are available. Business course enables me to go through report writing, presentation and interpretation of financial data, which will allow me to develop confidence and gain real-world skills to apply them in the future. It has improved my ability to speak and communicate with people

Business course has provided me with invaluable knowledge and greater exposure as to how the industries work. Also, business graduates are in higher demand, hence expanding the career prospects. Furthermore, being in Common Business Programme, allows me to prepare and consider on which diploma I want next year and help me to find out my field of interest to make better decisions on what I want to do.

For personality profiling, I am more introverted and observant as I am usually not the one that starts the conversation. I make decisions based on my feelings more than thinking. My approach to work and decision-making is more of judging than prospecting as I usually would not prefer to take risks and only take the steady approach, hence I do not make decisions quickly. I am more turbulent in my abilities because when I made a mistake, I tend to doubt my abilities and whether if I have regretted making these choices.

For career interest profiler, the top three codes are conventional, social and realistic. For work values, co-workers are the most important, followed by income, security, lifestyle, and workplace. I feel co-workers are the most important as I would dislike the unfriendly and stiff working environment if the people do not like me as I would feel uncomfortable and unwelcomed. I feel that there is a need to have nice co-workers to seek help and advice from them when I am unsure of what to do. Income is very important as well because I would not have to worry about having financial problems. Security is important as if there is no job security, there is a higher risk of losing the jobs.

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