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The World Wildlife Fund Purpose and Goals

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The World Wildlife Fund Purpose and Goals essay
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The World Wildlife Fund sets goals to help make nature better for animals to live in. “The World Wildlife Fund focuses their efforts at multiple levels, starting with wildlife, habitats and local communities and expanding up through governments and global network.” (What is the) This fund takes many notable actions to help achieve their goals to provide protection to animals and their habitats. “WWF aims now to ensure the long-term protection of this beach and its marine animals by strengthening the capacity of the community to run the conservation program…” (Purpose)


The World Wildlife Fund is an organization containing a lot of history since the organization has been up and running .This organization was founded in Morges, Switzerland in the 1960’s. “The World Wildlife Fund was founded by a small group of ardent, mostly British naturalists and conservationists.” (WWF’s Approach to) Helping to conserve Earth’s natural beauty and helping protect wildlife habitats was one of the main reasons why this organization was founded. Also, from the 1960’s to the 2000’s the World Wildlife Fund has been focusing on helping fund more projects, charity events, and conservation projects to help find a solution to their cause. The current impact the organization has is that it has helped change the way we support nature and the animals in the environment.

Who/what does the organization help?

This organization is more directed to helping protect animals and nature. “Recovering critically endangered species, to protecting rainforest, to providing a sustainable future for all…” (A Better Way) A easy way that people can help get involved with this organization is by sending in a donation to take part in helping out this cause. This organization doesn’t have any volunteer opportunities available, so the only way that you can take part in the organization is to help provide to this fund is by sending in a donation.

Accomplishments/ Community Outreach

To improve wildlife and the lives of animals they have helped fund many organizations similar to theirs for example the Charles Darwin Fund, the Smithsonian Institution, the Bird Trade group, and many more throughout the years they have been in business. Achieving these accomplishments all these years was from their supporters of the organization and the donations they received

How/ Why to get involved

Even though the organization doesn’t provide have any volunteer opportunities there are still many ways you and your family can get involved. “Many of the most immediate opportunities to protect the environment are right in our backyard so the best place to start is local parks or recreation departments.” (Volunteer Opportunities) You should help support this organization because the World Wildlife Fund helps support a better kind of living for many of the animals and their homes living on Earth. “When you help WWF protect species, you contribute to a thriving, healthy planet.” (Ways to support) The World Wildlife Fund provides an effective way to get involved in making the Earth a healthier and a nicer place for humans and animals to live in.

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The World Wildlife Fund Purpose and Goals essay

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