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Reasons why Animals Shouldn’t Get Put in the Zoo

Good reason could be that if wild animals ever gets released out into the wild again, animals won’t know how to survive on their own. This means that somehow if animals ever do get released into the wild, they won’t know how to hunt to get food, because their so used to zookeepers bringing them…

Animal Welfare,



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Rodeo Animals Are Not Abused

Rodeo is a western lifestyle created by competitions between cowboys at ranches in the Spanish era trying to ride wild horses. The first rodeo was an event in 1882 with the event steer riding, steer roping, and cow pony races. A few years later, steer riding became bull riding. Calf roping was introduced with barrel…

Animal Welfare,


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Loss of a Dog

Roy Rogers once said, “If there are no dogs in heaven then when I die I want to go where they went.” Truer words have never been spoken. Love and loss are the very foundational stones of our human heart. Bereavement can and does come in a myriad of forms be it the loss of…



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Moral Responsibility to Nonhuman Animals

Nonhuman animals are important in human life. It has many specific roles in our lives from many thousand years ago until today. Some scientist showed us evidences about human development which relating to the evolution of chimpanzees as we are also one of features of animal. There are many aspects involved in nonhuman animal controversial…


Animals Rights,


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Avoid Capturing Animals from the Wild

Animals may look cute and happy to see their zookeepers, trainers, and visitors in the park. However, animals have their painful dark side while they are in zoos, aquariums, and parks. It is important to avoid capturing animals from the wild because after being captured, the animals will: become aggressive and dangerous to humans and…


Animals Rights,


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Examples and Possible Genetic Basis of Negligible Senescence in Animals

All living things must eventually grow old and die. This statement holds true for most animals as even the largest and most powerful of animals eventually grow old and die. This process is known as senescence or biological aging, and it follows a general format. First, the organism grows slower and weaker which is usually…




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Animals Shouldn’t Be Used in Circuses

Can you imagine being taken away from your family as a child and forced to learn extremely dangerous stunts your whole life? This is the case for many wild animals that are in circuses. Many wild animals such as elephants, tigers,bears and many others are taken from their families when they are young and never…

Animal Welfare,


Cruelty to Animals

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Hunting Animals Reasons

Human beings can kill animals for their survival and happiness. The reason why we think we can hunt animals freely is that humans are superior to animals. The world I live in is a human-centered society. By this standard, humans live a superior life than animals. Of course, humans are inferior to animals if they…


Human Nature

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Elephants: People or Animals?

An elephant is defined by the Webster dictionary as a “tall, large-eared mammal of tropical Africa that is sometimes considered to comprise two separate species.” People are claiming that elephants are legal persons. In the article, “Elephants are legal persons and deserve to be free,” group claims in court petition” written by Carlos Ballesteros, Ballesteros…



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Animals not Awards

Animal parts are hung on the walls; their bodies stuffed and posed for bragging rights. Cruel practices such as baiting, hounding and trapping ensure that animals don’t stand a chance and hunters bag an easy prize. This is the modern day multi-million thriving industry known as trophy hunting, or the shooting of selective animals under…



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