The Steps to Determine Whether You’re an Extrovert or an Introvert

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People often try to make excuses for their behavior by stating that they’re an introvert or an extrovert. What really makes someone an extrovert or an introvert though? Turns out, you can actually take a test online and figure it out Once you figure out what you classify as, you can begin to determine how the trait affects your communication style, personality, relationships with other people, profession and work performance tendencies. The first step to determining if you’re an extravert or an introvert is to take a test I took the test provided by Psychology Today and scored a 66. This means that I am an extravert. What a shocker! Not really I believe this score was accurate.

I actually expected a greater score, aiming more toward 100‘ I am secretly a narcissist though, I find others to be stupid and not as stimulating as I expect. Even though I don’t find many people are as intellectual as myself, I still thrive off of others. I constantly need mental stimulation from others. I also need attention to survive. I go to bars, clubs, parties, gatherings, and love to have all eyes on me. I‘m at my happiest when I’m surrounded by others, preferably on stage so no one can argue with me or interrupt me. I never complete work when I’m alone or in my house, I always result to the library at Wake Tech to do school work, like right now actually.

I find myself feeling lonely very easily as well. As soon as my friends leave my house I feel useless and desperate for someone else to come over. When I am alone I’m always on my phone, Snap Chatting most of the day away The extravert trait in me has made me very outgoing and negatively affected a lot of my relationships. Itend to be around a lot of introverts. I cannot stand it I am waiting for the day when I meet people like me. People see me as a show off and I am. I take pride in who I am. The most recent experience I’ve had was at UNC Fall Fest. My favorite Drake song was playing in between musical events on stage and I didn’t see anyone guarding the stairs to the stage, so I leaped up the steps and started singing and dancing to the whole song I utilized the stage and acted like the entertainer I am.

I was interacting with the crowd and I had the people up front very excited. I wouldn’t have kept singing and dancing if I wasn’t feeding off of the crowd‘s reactions. Being on stage is, to me, the best feeling in the world. I feel that] truly belong on stage, which leads me to strongly believe that I thrive off of other people’s energy and presence. This did, however, impact my relationships with the people I came with. My “girlfriend” told me I was flat out embarrassing. I even had a girlfriend leave me before because I had too many friends in high school and she disagreed with sharing me. She told me if I didn‘t leave my friends for her she’d leave me instead, so I let her go.

The extrovert in me has even made my work life very dynamic. I love working with others and doing a lot of talking. I like to lead, I like I run, I like to control, and I like to dominate. My extraversion has made me very enterprising. I started showing how social I was when I was in high school and when I was 17, I opened up a video production company called Mad Productions. Since then, my company has worked very closely with skilled professionals to achieve a creative vision on screen. I’ve worked with real estate companies, photography businesses, pubs, bars, breweries, festival coordinators, couples getting married, and marketing specialists for CTC Sports.

I’ve come very far with myself from feeling the need to get out there, talk to people, work closely with others, and satisfy others with my content, I even go door to door for Roy Cooper and talk to democrats about the election. I love exchanging ideas, motivating people, and engaging others in conversation, [fl can though, I will become a stand comic so I can do absolutely all the talking. I certainly have some communication issues and some communication strengths. I want to point out that not every extravett is like me. I am a Sagittarius and that could be the biggest reason for my strengths and weaknesses. My biggest strength as a communicator is that I am great at explaining things to others.

Most people have told me that I am well spoken. I can be helpful and honest with others too. I am always first to give my honest opinion and a lot of people can appreciate that from me. I am also direct and I do not beat around the bush, I get my point across in a distinct way for people to understand. With strength comes weakness and some of my weaknesses can also be strengths. I am too blunt which can severely hurt others’ feelings. I can be over the top and too charismatic or enthusiastic, I can be too honest and offend people or just seem really weird and unappealing, I can say too much and go overboard about something small.

Sometimes I can go as far as cutting people off while they‘re speaking. However, over the last month, I have made changes to some of these impulsive behaviors. I’ve tried to filter myself more. The best way for me to do this is to not say anything. I started holding back mean things I want to say and do. I’ve made the effort to respect other people and not cut them off; I’ve made a specific effort to listen better. I realize most people listen to respond and that isn’t rne, honestly. I really do listen to understand but I want to be understood too so I always have something to share in response. It is very tough not expressing myself as often but in order to make others feel more comfortable, just cannot continue to speak so openly with people. I can only be my true self around a few select people.

I will be honest in this paper though, The readings did not make me want to change my communication style at all because it‘s something I‘ve been working on with a professional. It just was not something I took away from the articles or the TED talk, What I took away was that people shouldn‘t have to work with others or be seen as shy cause they’re not an alpha-talker. I took away the understanding that people want alone time. They get their ideas that way.

They process things better that way. I didn’t ever really understand that. Introverts just get their boosts from being alone in the same way that I get my boosts from being with others. It was insightful because I have a lot of introverted friends and family members, I can now empathize better and when speaking with an introvert I can make the conscious decision to not pressure them into sharing their deep thoughts with me. It simply isn’t all that stimulating for them.

Whereas for us extroverts, we are stimulated by two way conversations or even group discussions, I reached a better level of understanding after completing this assignment. So, what are you? I hope this paper helped you determine if you‘re an extravert or an introvert and if it didn’t, go take the test online find out your strengths and weaknesses and recognize these things about yourself. It can help you understand why you behave the way you do, pick the friends you have, work in the environment you work in, and it can even inspire you to embrace your extraversion or introversion!

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