The Many Qualities of Shakespeare’s Marc Antony of Roman Empire

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In the play of Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare there are various types of characters having different behaviours and specialties. One of the most significant characters in the play is Antony. By changing the path of the events he proved his strength, cleverness, and his other unknown abilities. If I was living in The Rome Empire and had chance to vote for presidency I would vote for Marc Antony. I would vote for him because of several reasons, which I’m going to explain.

In the first and the second scenes Antony was mentioned as a devoted and dependent person upon Caesar since he rather enjoyed life than to claim the highest position in the government. He wanted the crown to be given to Caesar. We learn this in act 3 scene 2 lines 97-98. The conspirators want Caesar not to gain so much power and they motived themselves to assassinate him. After Caesar’s death Antony behaved like he had to. He was distraught for Caesar’s death but said nothing till the funeral. He started to sough his revenge there… In act 3 scene 2 from line 75 he showed that he is very clever when he convinced the crowd in Caesar’s funeral. In addition to that in act 3 scene 3 line 75-108 he used reverse physiology to convince people to believe opposite of what he was exactly said. In the same act and scene in lines 140-148 he behaved as he didn’t want to read the will which was in his hand and he was waving it.

Effective speaking and cleverness are characteristics of leaders and of course presidents. He used his intelligence and leadership to take control while the state was in chaos in act 3 scene 2 line 75-110. When Caesar died in act 3 scene 1 he was alone in his decisions and he also proved that he was a brave and self-confident man, as he wasn’t afraid of the conspirers and of course of death. We gather this information from act 4 scene 1 lines 18-25.

Moreover his loneliness he had no one to trust but he never joined the conspirers in the full play. If he was alone or not he did what he believed and what is true for him without any doubt in act 3 scene 2 lines 75-120. This made him to become a great leader for Rome. In act 5 scene 5 lines 68-75 we understood he was a trustworthy and honourable from his honourable behaviour.

On the other hand in act 2 scene 1 lines 181-183 Brutus didn’t have the courage and power to quake and ruin the conspirers, inside Antony. He thought he could do nothing in the absence of Caesar. Even Caesar was not expecting Antony to be a threat to anyone in act 2- scene 2 line 116-117. Caesar was a great leader through the eyes of Antony. He doesn’t seem interested in to be a leader or king till the assassination of his father, as it was written in act 3 scene 1 lines 235-242, Antony’s request to speak in Caesar’s funeral in act 3 scene 1 lines 227-230 didn’t cause suspicion on Brutus. Brutus had this belief according to his knowledge about Antony. Only Cassius was disturbed because of that condition. Antony, as a man, would not let anybody know his plans before he started to apply.

Antony’s character is hard to understand quickly. He shouldn’t be judged before he was forced to show his true potential and strong character as I mentioned before. After defending Caesar at his funeral and convince people of his claims he was uncovered. And after this event his secret specialities that should belong to a leader became visible. Than he became the great leader of Rome. If there was democracy that time and Caesar was a candidate for the presidency everyone, including me, who has a chance to analyse his character would vote for him.

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