The Impact of Electronic Devices on Our Sleep

Updated May 2, 2022

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The Impact of Electronic Devices on Our Sleep essay

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The use of electronic devices has become an essential component in modern society. Many people today use tablets, cell phones and other forms of technology throughout their day to day lives. So much so, that many people use these electronic devices even before bed. These devices are often brightly lit with artificial lights and close to one’s face, making it difficult for people to fall asleep. While this does not seem to be a problem at first, the prolonged use of electronics before bed is causing many to develop insomnia. Based on this knowledge, my hypothesis is that those who use electronic devices within an hour of going to bed will be more likely to experience insomnia, while those who do not use electronic devices before going to bed will not experience insomnia.

In my study, I will have one experimental group and one control group. The experimental group will use a cell phone within an hour of going to bed while the control group will go to bed without using any form of electronic device – all in the span of a week. The first day the experimental group will use their cell phone at 9:00 PM for an hour and then go to sleep straight after. To prevent any outside factors from interfering with the results, the experiment will be conducted through cameras that will observe the participants sleep (with their consent) inside their respective rooms. As the researcher, I will set a timer once the hour of phone use is over and record how long it took the participant to go to sleep after. The control group on the other hand, will not use an electronic device and instead go straight to bed at 9:00 PM sharp. Once again, I will set a timer and see how long it took them to go to sleep. In addition, I will ask the participants the next morning how they felt during the night and if they faced any difficulties falling asleep. In this study, my independent variables would be the participants with a cell phone versus no cell phone prior to going to sleep. The dependent variable would be the time it took them to go to sleep.

Once the week is over, both the control and experimental groups will have the time they took to fall asleep averaged throughout the week. Their feelings and difficulties during the sleeping process will also be compared between the two. If the experimental group (with the electronic device) took longer to fall asleep than the control group (without the electronic device) then the hypothesis will be supported. However, if both groups shared similar times and no real significant difference than the hypothesis will be rejected.

The Impact of Electronic Devices on Our Sleep essay

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