The Effect of Using Technology in Education

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What do you think about using technology in education? Technology become very popular these years. In addition, in Qatar some schools and university use technology like tablet instead of books. Also, technology is helpful because it has many benefits. For example, books are very heavy for the student, but the tablet is not. There were 50 responses. 86% of them were Arab. 87%were female, the majority of them 54% were aged 16to 19 years old, and the rest were 20 to 30 years old. In this report, we will answer the question “The effect of using technology in education”?

Survey Finding

There are ten question about the effects of using technology in education:

  • Statement 1 – How often did they use technology in the class. Half of the respondents said always, while 48% said sometimes. A few of the respondents, around 2% said never. From this statement we found that Qatar using technology in every sector including education.
  • Statement 2 – Using technology in class is helpful. Almost all the respondents said yes, and 8% no. This data indicates that the majority of classroom using technology while studying.
  • Statement 3 was – Using the technology in class is better than using books. The majority of respondents agreed (56%) while a quarter (44%) disagreed.
  • Statement 4 – How often do you use technology to study for exams. “Half of the answer (56%) sometimes and Less than half of the respondents said always and 8% were never.
  • Statement 5 – How many hours did they spend using technology each day. More than half of the answers are 4 to 6 hours and other 34% are 1 to 3 hours for this statement the student spends there all hours by using technology.
  • Statement 6 – What did they use technology for mostly. 42 out of 50 respondents (84%) said that they use it in social media and a quarter of the respondents said do home works and others not many (26%) was chosen social media.
  • Statement 7 – Which stage of education is technology more useful. 92% of the respondents stated that University. This means almost all of the respondents thought believed using technology in university have more benefits than school. For example, the university have access to mane resources including e-library and university web site while in school they use papers. In question eight, it was interesting to know who technology affects people the question was “is technology addictive “50 out of 40 respondents (80%) said yes. In other words, less than half of the respondents said no.
  • Statement 9 – Does technology causes damage to people. Three-quarters of the respondents agreed, while (26%) disagreed.
  • Statement 10 – Does technology have benefits? Almost all of the respondents said yes,2 out of 50 said no. That men technology has a lot of benefit in education such as using the PowerPoint for presentation and studying. Also, making people’s life easy.


To sum it all up, it was interesting to know how people think about using technology in education There were some impressive statistics, like question 7. It shows that a large number of people believe that using technology in university better than using it in school. Finally, after analyzing the results, we see that using technology in the right way so that will not be dangerous for the health. Furthermore, they should not rely on technology because their handwriting will become worse.


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