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Unemployment in Kazakhstan

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Unemployment in Kazakhstan essay
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Unemployment is that the presence within the country of individuals WHO are a part of associate degree economically intensive population who are willing and needing to work for rent, however don’t have each likelihood of finding employment. The percentage will be recognized in terms of state. The percentage may be a quantitative live that compares state to completely different teams of the population. I chose this topic because unemployment is one of the main causes of stagnation in the country’s economy.

In addition, unemployment is one of the main and topical issues at the moment. since unemployment is not only an economic problem of the country, but also one of the main social problems of the population. and this problem is present in many old families. I would like to analyze this problem as well as, with the help of people and my research, find the main causes of unemployment. With the help of research, I want to find ways to eliminate unemployment in the country. I think this will solve some problems related to the economy and social life of the nation.


The main aims of my project work are listed below:

  • give general information about unemployment find out the unemployment rate in Kazakhstan by using online and official sources.
  • find out the causes of unemployment by analyzing the information from web sites and the results of survey.
  • find ways to fight with unemployment by opinion of respondents.


In Kazakhstan, the amount of unemployed in 2018 was calculable at 442.5 thousand individuals, which is 4.9% of the labor within the Republic of Kazakh, state has become terrible (Finansi, 2018). Regressions cause a rise in job shortages. however, it doesn’t begin to grow from scratch and does not fall to zero once the regression is completed. Having a particular variety of discharged isn’t an issue, as a result of it’s not thought of a task.

However, what’s this number? What degree of absence is taken into account acceptable? a way to acknowledge once state could be a task, and once not? This distinction is key, as a result of once state reaches a “problem level”, politicians’ inquiries to require sure measures begin to grow. the actual fact that the central are going to be happy in response to those inquiries can doubtless be pricey, and these are possibly supererogatory results, particularly if state doesn’t exceed the “problem level”. however wherever is that this degree and the way can we all know it? The percentage describes this state of the economy.

In line with the fashionable economy, the percentage of 4-5% is taken into account the norm. Low state (2-4%) indicates a recovery amount, high (7% and above) indicates a decline (Banki, 2019). Official state information in Kazakh is revealed by the National applied math Agency in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and National Defense. The supply of this information is that the current population survey – a partial family survey, that for the agency’s national statistics is dispensed by the Bureau of the Census. the choice covers up to 50,000 families surveyed monthly and selected in such how on represent the whole public of the state (Esentayeva G.Е., 2011).

Despite the widespread opinion, state information isn’t summarized on the idea of applications for unemployment edges. To be enclosed within the selection of a national applied math agency, someone should 1st of all belong to a non-institutional public. they’re all those that have reached the age of sixteen and older and aren’t in any specific place within the municipal establishments, like a jail or hospital. Non-institutional public is split into categories: utilized, discharged and inactive individuals. However, a way to distinguish the discharged from the one United Nations agency doesn’t make up the amateur community and, therefore, is taken into account to be elementary unoccupied? The National applied math Agency came up with clear aspects of information separation from 2 teams and virtually determines the amount of every of them.

The main issues of analysis during this space are:

  1. Inconsistency, and obvious, in studies between government and non-state actors.
  2. Ineffective labor and employment market
  3. Indifference from the general public and government.
  4. A peculiar style of mentality that has developed among the population below the socialist system (Ospanova, 2009).

However, there are still ways in which to resolve this drawback and so as to seek out them, it’s necessary to investigate state, what are its causes, how it absolutely was fashioned and the way it reached such volumes.

There are frequent debates regarding what approach to finding the state drawback is required.

To get out of the crisis scenario and increase production, active state participation is important. If it doesn’t bed, then United Nations agency can raise the economy? however the state ought to limit its influence moderately. what’s it like? simply encourage domestic producers. The second key to finding the matter of state by the state is to boost the work of employment centers.


The research method is the strategy used to implement this plan. in my research, I will use the survey method. The ways of my research will be to keep high quality and quantitative studies. The introduction of the survey method will allow to obtain numerical results that can be considered impartial. More than that, the conclusions of the whole method can be generalized to a huge population. While a high-quality method will undoubtedly help to provide a thorough awareness of such why people hold a particular concept about my topic.

Firstly, I use the quantitative method of research. Quantitative research is descriptive research aimed at strict standardization and formalization of the process of collecting and processing information. Quantitative studies include statistics, numerical data, calculations, and objective precedents. Quantitative studies provide us with an uncomplicated measurement and, undoubtedly, demonstrate the results with the support of impartial data (Studme, 2019). It is still much easier to create monitoring based on quantitative data, due to the fact that we actually use numerical data and statistics.

For quantitative study, I use a sample survey. My selective survey was made from 12 questions. More than that, I use 5 types of research questions: dichotomous, sequence number, Likert scale, filter, and open questions. Any question prepares a sample survey more understandable, and according to the answers I can make the statistics of views. I use a qualitative research method because quantitative research cannot be used to explain a person’s emotions and feelings. A qualitative research method is a method of collecting, processing and analyzing information about individuals.

The objects of interest of qualitative research are individuals as performers of social roles. The subject of the study of qualitative research is the “nature of the role playing. For a qualitative research method, I use an interview. This will help me to better know the opinions and feelings of people about my topic. The difference between an interview and a survey is in the completeness of opinions.

Survey is more convenient than an interview. But the main advantage of qualitative research is that all questions are open. with the help of this, respondents can openly express their opinion and can give a more argumentative argument to prove their opinion. in my opinion, the use of both methods makes it possible to conduct a high-level and complete analysis of opinions and thoughts. As a result, implementing both methods will give me a voluminous set of data on my topic.


Thanks to my survey, I found some answers regarding my project, the main topic of which is unemployment in Kazakhstan. For the analysis of information, I used the study and secretaries research. This study helped me find answers to questions such as:

  • What is the main cause of unemployment in Kazakhstan?
  • Does unemployment affect the country’s economy?
  • Should the state provide unemployed people?
  • How would you solve problems related to unemployment?

Secondary research helps me to find answers to questions about unemployment and how does Kazakhstan cope with unemployment. But I had a few issues with exceptionally little sum of data in auxiliary investigate. I can’t found information which I need about solving unemployment problems in Kazakhstan. In secondary research i can’t find enough information connected with questions that I wrote before. To collect the information which is missing I used the primary research. For achieve my aims I used survey to supplement the information.

In the secondary research, I find the main cause of unemployment in Kazakhstan. This is low wages and lack of working places. According to my research, unemployment is the most important problem of a country that affects the country’s economy. Amount of respondents in my survey composes 78 people: 33 of them is males, 45 of them is females. 37 people from all respondents are 12-20 years old, 18 of them are 20-40 years old, and 23 of them are more than 40. 25 of my respondents are teachers (32%), 14 are parents (18%) and 39 are students of school and university (50%).

It means that most of stakeholders are students, some of them is teachers and parents. It is the general information about my respondents. According to my answers, 55 of my stakeholders( it is 71.4%) does not have unemployment problems in their families and 22 (it is 28.6%) are have problems in their families which connect with unemployment. To the question ‘the main cause of unemployment in Kazakhstan’ respondents presented many different reasons. According to the survey, the most important reason is the lack of jobs as more than 40% of respondents gave such a response.

The rest of the respondents believe that the reason is corruption and low wages and only a small part of the respondents believe that the reason depends on the people themselves, that is, laziness and people’s attitude to work. According to the survey, you can see that unemployment is the most important problem of the country as it affects the economy as a whole. Since more than 74 respondents gave this answer. According to the answers, 94% of respondents agree that the state is obliged to solve problems related to unemployment. And only 11 respondents fully agree with the statement ‘the state should provide unemployed people’, 29 respondents agree, 33 disagree and 5 disagree completely.

According to the survey, there are many ways to address the problem of unemployment. I would like to note the best way to ‘Open new jobs, increase staffing in private budget organizations’. Also, ‘Decent wages, quality education and Protect the rights of workers, and to restrict the rights of an employer for humiliation of workers’ since these methods are inclined to the main problem. Primary research helps me find answers to questions that I can’t answer in secondary research.


My research was successful as many of the questions have complete answers were also answers to the questions that helped me achieve my goals. As for the best aspects of my project, more than 70 respondents took part in the survey. This helped me to get a more detailed answer to my questions. In addition, half of my respondents are under 20 years old, and the age of the remaining half of the respondents is more than 20.

That is, respondents of different ages participated in my survey. This helped to understand the opinion of respondents of different generations. The same information in my secondary studies, very extensive, reliability and reliability. Since the information of my secondary research was taken from reliable sources and official sites. As for the questions of my survey, they were very clear and short (I think it is very convenient for the Respondent).

My research has both advantages and disadvantages. First, my analysis and my research was written in a hurry. I did not have time for deadlines, because due to the large number of respondents, the analysis was difficult for me. In my opinion, this is very important and deadlines affect the quality of work. Another drawback of my project is that only residents of Almaty participated in my survey and the study as a whole. Despite the fact that my topic concerns the country as a whole. And my results were conducted only for residents of Almaty.

Further Research

Summing up the results of my research, I realized that I learned a lot on this topic. Since unemployment is a very urgent problem, I was interested to learn many facts, arguments and opinions of people on this topic. In my survey was the question whether there are problems related to unemployment in your family? This question was not asked in vain because in my family these problems were present. My opinion on this issue has changed dramatically. I used to think that the main problem of unemployment in the country is the lack of education of the people. But, thanks to my research, I realized that the problem is not only in the people but also in the government corruption, etc. Also, not a small role is played by the lack of jobs in the country.

As I noted in the Evaluation, my project has both advantages and disadvantages. In the future, I would like to eliminate these shortcomings. For example, I would try to write my analysis so that it would be clear to other people. I would also like to carefully analyze each question and answer to it to fully understand the opinions of their respondents. In the future, I would like to interview people from other cities as well as megacities and small towns. Because this problem is often present in underdeveloped cities and rural areas . I think it would be better if I used more statistics and charts, as this will help readers of my project work to understand my topic more and better.

In the future, I would like to find a few of my questions that I had during the study. For example, how to treat the state to address this topic and why our people have no idea about unemployment benefits? To find answers to these questions, I would use a secondary method of research because it is very practical and reliable.


Summing up the results of my research, I would like to note that my project met my expectations. The topic chosen by me, I think, is very relevant and important for today’s society. The results of my research pleasantly surprised me. Because through my research, I have achieved my many goals. Thanks to a secondary study, I found General information about unemployment and found out the unemployment rate in Kazakhstan using online resources and official sources.

As a result of the study, I learned the causes of unemployment by analyzing the information from the websites and the results of the survey. Thanks to my survey, I found some ways to combat unemployment, according to respondents. Unfortunately, I was not able to fully achieve my last goal. Because a lot of people participated in my survey and it was difficult to formulate a complete answer to my question. In order to achieve almost all of its goals, I helped the method of secondary research.


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Unemployment in Kazakhstan essay

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What are the reasons of unemployment in Kazakhstan?
Due to the mismatch of demand in the labor market on a specialty or qualification , the applicant has no opportunity to find a job. Seasonal demand is also noticeable in the construction and agricultural sectors. As a result, in 2018 the unemployment rate in Kazakhstan was 4.9%.
What country has the most unemployment?
The unemployment rate is defined as the percentage of unemployed workers in the total labor force. Top Ten Countries with the Highest Unemployment (World Bank 2020 data): Equatorial Guinea - 25.0% Botswana - 24.9% Grenada - 22.9% Eswatini - 22.7% Lesotho - 22.4% Gabon - 20.4%
Which country has the lowest rate of unemployment?
Top Ten Countries with the Lowest Unemployment (World Bank 2020 data): El Salvador - 0.1% (tie) Qatar - 0.1% (tie) Myanmar - . 05% Solomon Islands - 0.7% Chad - 1.1% (tie) Thailand - 1.1% (tie) Bahrain - 1.2% (tie) Cambodia - 1.2% (tie)
Why is Ukraines unemployment rate so high?
The economic situation in Ukraine When Russia seized and annexed Crimea in March of 2014, pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych was also ousted and the economy of Ukraine took a hard hit . This resulted in sharp reductions in Ukraine's GDP, and likely caused a sharp increase in unemployment as well.
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