The Absolute Power of Words

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There’s a power in everything around us some of them we can feel, some we can hear, and some we can see. But we don’t care about the some that get directly towards our fertile soil. And waters the seeds that create our personality, our faith, our beliefs, and even our days. Just imagine with me you are waking up from your comfy bed. And you hear this word “Wake up its time for work” how would be your mood, how would be your day. And how would be your productive level in work; then compare it when you hear this phrase “wake up honey. There’s a lot of adventure waiting for you” when you are done with this experiment tell me if you believe in the power of word. Prophet Mohammed peace upon him once said ((A good word is a charity)). He described it as a charity that would help the people who need it; a good word can save lives and mischievous can kill people some of us just don’t care about how a mischievous word can literally kill people end their hopes, dreams, and even their lives.

The power of a word can change the way of how people think. In our daily life our brain absorbs a lot of words that change your way of thinking take this example it’s about. How a world could change your mood “you start your day in a depressed lifeless mood then you go to your office. And your workmate told you that you are talented in work. At that moment your mood will drift from a lifeless mood to an active excited mood”. This is an example of how words can save your day, let’s take another example but on how words can destroy you. “A student who get a good mark on his project decided to make his dad proud of him he calls his dad and shares. With him the good news he says hey dad today I got a good mark on my project are you proud of me dad.

Then his dad replies listen son I am busy he ends up the call and after a week this brilliant student transformed to be a lazy depressed getting drunk, heavily smoking. And dies from an extra dose of drug” this student didn’t die because he was addicted to drugs. But he died because he lost his hope on making his dad proud of him. His dad response through the phone call destroys his dream and his hope. This student is just an example of thousands of people who gets depressed from their beloved responses, so if you really love someone just cheer him up.

The power of a word through history, the powers of words changed us, our nations, and even the world I heard a lot of stories about how the power of the word changed people lives one of them that I really adores it is a story of how this mom sees her son his son is great scientists who have more than a 1000 invention” In 1855 a child goes back home from school with a letter from the school he gives it to his mom, his mom opened the letter and reads in silence then she stared at her child for a while then she act as she is reading it and said your son is genius and the school is too small for him and doesn’t have enough good teachers to train him please teach him by yourself this child grew up and found this letter and saw what actually was written in it, your son is mentally ill we cannot teach him in our school with the other children that’s why we recommend that you teach him at home by yourself.”

This child is Thomas Addison. If Thomas mom reads what is actually written in the letter would Thomas gets the motivation to self-educate himself the way Thomas mom rephrase what’s written in the letter is what should we do in our rephrase the negative word and adds some magic to our lives and I strongly believe that if we rephrase the negative words with a positive words that are is the first step to the world where we get motivated by the beloved ones and have our dreams come true. I am going to rephrase and think before I open my mouth; are you going to rephrase?

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