The Maze Runner by James Dashner Book Report

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The narrator of this story is Thomas from his point of view. Thomas is put through many things and we see it happen as if we are right next to him the whole time. In the book you see where he goes and what actions he makes and how he does them you are with him every step of the way.

The tone of this book is suspenseful and intense throughout the book. Thomas goes through many difficulties and challenges. The first night he gets there he doesn’t remember his name until he is hit his head in a fight with gally. Thomas sees some runners in need and goes to help them even though everyone says no one survives the night. When he is in the maze at night he finds that they are not alone. They get chased by a reaper and Thomas kills it using the changing maze against it. There are many parts the the book shows the tone of suspense and intensity.

The maze runner takes place inside the maze in an elevator shaft. He wakes up in the elevator and is discombobulated. He is immediately frightened from confusion. He has no idea where he is or how he got there or where he is going and his mind starts to think of all possible outcomes he’s going to die they are going to drop him. then it stops and the door above him opens and sunlight pores in and he is blinded by it and he hears voices and mumbling then a person jumps down and says come on greenie. They lift him out and his sees a big wall around him and big Greenfield which they Call the glades. They ask him was his name is and he doesn’t remember anything like everyone else that comes up from the elevator.

The conflict of the maze runner is that they are all trapped in the middle of the maze. Throughout the book they have tried everything to get out. Thomas becomes a runner and him and Minho scout the maze and try to find a way out. They found a boot that the griever come out of and they have a device that they got from the reaper that Thomas killed has soon as they got close to it, the door opened. They go back to tell everyone and they are not sure but when the maze doors don’t close that have no choice.

The resolution in the story is that They escape and in the process people are killed. They use the door that they discovered using the Device from the reaper. In the process they meet multiple reapers waiting for them and they fight all the way their. They lose many people in the process and gally gets stung by the griever and killed chuck instead of Thomas. They also lose the leader alby and many more people. They are found by military personnel and are escorted to safety as they look at the maze and reflect on the tragedy that caused them as the fly away.

The main character Thomas impacted the story significantly. He does things differently than everyone else. They have rules and things that they follow to stay alive. Thomas throughout the book breaks and bends those rules. The first rose to do your part. The second is you never hurt another glader. And third never go be on the wall.One thing that Thomas changed was that nobody would survive the night in the maze but he did. Another one that nobody could kill a griever but he did. Another one was that there was no way out but he found A way out. But Thomas also impacted the The story negatively. he was the reason why the maze doors didn’t close which killed a lot of people. Him and teresa Which is the first and only girl to ever be in the glades. They both are the creators of the maze which he remembers after he gets stung. They share a telepathic connection. they have a special connection. Thomas becomes the leader after he changes everything and gets everyone out. He is the reason they were able to escape.

There are two themes in The Maze Runner The first theme is Bravery Thomas shows that he is brave and fearless by running into the maze when Minho gets back with Alby and helps Minho with Alby and kills a griever . Alby says ‘If you ain’t scared, then you ain’t human.’ The second theme is Persistence. Thomas would have never been a runner if he wasn’t Persistence on finding out what’s out there. He throughout the story asked questions about everything and wanted to know everything there is to know about the maze. Persistence is what got everyone out of the maze because he never gave up. In the book it said “He was impressed by how organized they must be, how hard they all must work. He could only imagine how truly horrific a place like this could be if everyone went lazy and stupid.” They would never get anything done if everyone just stopped when it got hard.

In The Maze Runner Thomas is in an elevator shaft and is lifted up into the glades. The first person he sees is gally and he said to Thomas “ let’s got greenie”. He looks around and sees that he is in a big field surrounded by a wall. The first person he meets is Alby and he asks what is this place and why can’t he remember anything Alby says “it’s normal you will get your name in a couple of bays that’s the only thing they let you keep”. He shows him around and tells him what this place is. Later he meets Newt. Newt shows him who everyone is and what they do. Later that night Thomas and Newt are talking and Thomas ask what the maze is and if they found a way out Newt says “ we haven’t and we have tried for 3 years”. They start walking around and Gally challenges him to a brawl. In the fight Thomas hits his head and gets his name. The next morning Alby wakes him up and thanked him to a watch Tower and tells him the rules of the glades.

First everybody does their part. Second never attack another glader. Third never go into the maze. He asked what and Alby said “ it keeps us safe”. then he makes him carve his name into the maze wall with all the others. Later that day as he is planting Newt ask him to go get fertilizer and he wanders into the woods and as he is looking for it, he is attacked by on of the runners and he is chased until the runner is knocked out. They lift up his shirt and see a sting mark and they banish him into the maze. later Thomas asks Alby what that was and he says “ it the changing it gets worse and worse until it kills you”. Thomas goes to bed and has a dream of a girl across him saying wicked is good. He wakes up and sees Minho and Alby go into the maze. He asked why did Alby go into the maze with Minho. Newt tell him “Alby knows what’s he doing that box that you came out of somebody had to be first and that somebody is Alby“.

Thomas starts to get worried when the day starts to end and they are not back. Then everyone is standing in front of the maze waiting and they sees them but the door starts to close and Minho is holding Alby on his shoulders and he can’t hold him. Thomas makes a quick decision to to run out and go help Minho as the maze doors close behind him. Then Minho says to Thomas ”good job you just killed yourself”. Thomas sees mark on his head and ask what happened Minho said ”he got stung I had to do what I had to do”. They tried to carry I’ll be around but they could not manage to do it so they started to hang them up with vines and as they were doing that Minho sees a griever approaching then Minho takes off and leaves Thomas by himself with Alby.

Thomas hides in the vines. He gets out to find Minho and instead finds a griever and is running he finds Minho. They run to a closing corredor and Thomas ses this as an opportunity to kill the griever and Leeds the griever into the closing Corredor and kills it. In the morning him and Minho get back to the maze with Alby and tell them what happened. They have a meeting to figure out what to do with Thomas because he broke a rule. A day later him and Minho go in finding the griever that they killed and found a device. They use this device to open up a door. When Thomas gets back the elevator starts to come up and the girl is inside of it and the only thing she says is Thomas’s name before she passes out. Later that day she wakes up and is combative with other people and Thomas calms her down and tells her what’s going on. Teresa tells him that she has two vials with her and on the veil it says wicked and Thomas remembers in his dream it says wicked is good and gives the vile to Alby and I’ll be wakes up.

They have a meeting to decide what to do with the Device that they found. Then they are interrupted by sirens and they are told that the doors are not closing. Then they are attacked by multiple grievers and multiple people have died including Alby. Them gally takes over and wants to kill Thomas and Teresa. Thomas Teresa Minho and other people stand against gally. They say that they are leaving anybody can come with them. Most of them come with but some of them stay with gally. They fight their way all the way to the door and make their way out. . find a lab with a bunch of dead people and they find a video that explains everything and how they are immune to the virus that has spread throughout the world. Just before they leave gally meet them and he is strong and pointed the gun at Thomas and shoots but Chuck dived in the way and killed him instead of Thomas.Then they are taken out of the maze buy some military and being escorted to a safe place.

I would recommend this book because it was so interesting and action packed. There was a lot of mystery going on. And the plot is very interesting and you will never get bored because there’s so much going on at once and once you pick up the book you don’t wanna put it down and you just want to finish it right away because that’s how good it is. If you like action mystery and suspense but I recommend reading this book I really enjoyed this book and I think anyone would too. The book Maze Runner is one of my favorite books to read And I think you would enjoy it as well.


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