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Teacher Self Reflection Journal

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Teacher Self Reflection Journal essay
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I grew up in a high-needs area and are personally connected to struggle of children who come from low-income families and go to school with little funding, so I feel like being a teacher I will be contributing to my community in a meaningful way. It has always been my dream to try a make an impact to help those around me. When I will be in a classroom and teach, I will not be just an educator, I will be a mentor and most of all I will be a friend. What I like the most is that I will be making a massive different in the lives of many students. Teachers have the potential to interact with students at all stages of developmental from all walks of life. A great teacher I feel like I will be is to help them with their self-esteem.

Teachers are life-long learners. Life long learning is a form of self-initiated education that is focused on personal development. It is generally a learning that occurs outside a formal learning institute, such as a school, university or corporate training. I can say in general we are all life-long learners. But individually as I want to become a teacher, I want to set an example to my students because I want to practice what I teach, this in turn will encourage my learners to be life-long learners.

The skills that I acquire for being a teacher is to have good communication with the leaners, this can be verbal, written, or via any other route from practical demonstration. The second skill is to be patient as people learn at different rates, even if you have to explain something seven times in seven different ways its ok because its part of the job. Another skill is creativity, I know that there are different learners who learn best when they are doing something fun and interesting .Teaching comes with dedication, if I will be dedicated to helping my students succeed, I will be able to keep up my energy levels and avoid getting discouraged. The last skill is to be organized. I will be a very organized teacher which will help me make lesson planning around school hours.

I had difficulties when I was in high school in grasping concept in the classroom due to quality of teachers and I believe that no children deserve to be overlooked to make job easier. want to remind the education world that teaching is passion, not a pay check. I enjoy being part of learning experience and to help student understand that with knowledge comes power.

One of the most important things this module tought me is to discover myself. I first discovered my hidden goals such as my goals for my personal life. To know my vision as well as my mission. Why I am at the university. It made me to think back to where I come from and that really motivated me to work really hard to go back and change my background as well as educating the children back where I am from because teaching is a profession that teaches all other professions.

Teacher Self Reflection Journal essay

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How do you reflect yourself as a teacher?
Here are a few ways that you can do this: Self-Reflective Journal. A journal is an easy way to reflect upon what just happened during your instruction. Video Recording. Student Observation. Peer Observation. Lesson Objectives. Materials. Students. Classroom Management.
How do you write a reflective journal for teaching?
Writing reflective journals for teachers Record an experience/event. Describe the event. Who/what was involved? What part did who/what play in the event? Reflect: Contemplate on the experience. What are your reactions to what happened? What are your feelings about what happened?
Why are reflective journal important for teachers?
The most important aspect of reflective journal writing is to encourage students to begin to think about their own thinking . The reflective process Earlier in the 20th century, John Dewey was among the first to write about reflective practice with his exploration of experience, interaction and reflection. Soon thereafter, other researchers such as Kurt Lewin and Jean Piaget were developing relevant theories of human learning and development. Reflective practice transfers the responsibilities of self-appraisal and understanding the elements of quality work from the teacher to the student.
Why is it important for teachers to write their own personal journals after a day's lesson?
JOURNALS FOCUS STUDENTS AND BUILD SKILLS "This lets them express themselves in writing without the pressure they typically have when doing assignments. It ensures they have one positive writing experience each day."
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