Updated October 13, 2020

Studying Abroad: Educational Goals

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Studying Abroad: Educational Goals essay
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I am very much motivated to study abroad. As an aspiring architect, I am keen to get acquainted with different methods, techniques and learn new ways. It would benefit me in bringing out more creativity and flair. By collaborating with students, instructors, local people from diverse backgrounds, I will be exposed to a variety of perceptions, practice, profession and lifestyles. This will not only help me build a better future career but I would get a wide range of experience and knowledge. As architecture itself is a conglomeration of everything, from the minute details to the huge developments. It has to offer different aspects in a variety of sectors.

I earned my B.arch from the Department of Architecture at Techno India University (West Bengal) in India. This 5 year course had given me foundation of knowledge about architecture and the numerous other subjects diverging from it. It has been a habit of mine to sketch and paint during my free time since childhood. Creativity flowed within me constantly, so was I also eager in art and crafts. As I grew up, my ideas, thoughts and knowledge improved and grew wider. This influenced my interest to pursue architecture. During these five years of study I’ve participated in several seminars, competitions, extra curricula’s in college, involving architecture and design. I have also learned different software skills to work more efficiently.

I also got the opportunity to learn during my 6 month internship. I was building a bridge of practical and theoretical knowledge understanding and creating a connectivity which would help me walking in the future. I have gained practical experience and abilities that cannot be learned in the classroom, such as the ability to carry out plans, supervise, and oversee the actual construction process. This phase also taught me to maintain a healthy relationship with the colleagues.

Among all other subjects I developed a keen interest in the field of landscape. Being a nature lover and also the calamities going around the world intrigued me to know more and work on this subject. Working effectively would definitely need more knowledge and skills in a more efficient way. I’m interested to work for the environment, for a better future which would benefit both nature and mankind. To fight the brutal after effects of nature and fill back the greens and maintain with the urban. Having a thirst to know more it led me reading many articles and it created an urge within me to learn further about landscape including disaster resistant techniques, geological aspects, and earth sciences.

Even for my thesis project I picked up an isolated mined land, implementing greens alongside make it functional with both educational and recreational purpose. It was an eco mine tourism park with huge plantations throughout the area.

Thus I am highly motivated to apply for graduate study in landscape architecture at University of Edinburgh. Your master’s program is ideal for meeting my educational goals. This will prepare me for a lifetime of success in this field.

Studying Abroad: Educational Goals essay

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