Straight Path for Citizenship for Immigrants

Updated May 22, 2021

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Straight Path for Citizenship for Immigrants essay

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As a United States citizen, what I would want to take into action is to have the undocumented and documented immigrants become a part of the country. I know this may seem a tremendous task to take, but I believe every person should have the right to come to America, the land of the free. For America stands under its Constitution, which keeps each citizen safe and protected. Many people from other countries long to live in a place that makes them feel free and protected. They would not have to worry about every minute of their life wondering if it is going to be taken away or not due to their religious beliefs.

Or dream of freely speaking up for what is right for themselves, or their loved ones. It will also be beneficial for those who have fled their country because of war. For, I have known some people who are legal and illegal immigrants who left their country due to their religious beliefs and war. I can say one thing, it is not easy for them. Understanding where they are coming from is crucial. I would want to make a straight path for citizenship for immigrants who want to be with their family and who want freedom.

In this aspect of the American Government, I would want to break the walls that are blocking immigrants to become citizens. To make a system that would be fast and fair to all. They would not have to wait years, decades, to receive some sort of approval from the immigration department. Perhaps, look into their history and see where they come from, what their current status is, and so forth. On top of that, I think it will be beneficial to America because there would be more citizens, therefore, more votes coming in during the election.

Also, I think those who are already citizens would start to vote because they will see how greatly the governmental system has improved and would want to involve themselves in basic political positions as citizens. A good advantage for the U.S. to look good for its people. Back to my point, I believe creating a system that would help the immigration process for immigrants to become citizens would save a lot of people and their values. It would also open up more opportunities for them. With this, I have prepared a plan on how I would change this aspect in the United States.

My first step into taking action of this change is that I would head over to Congress who has enormous power over immigration. Then, I would go to the Executive branch, who also has a great amount of power towards immigration. Perhaps, I would propose some sort of bill to allow the immigration process lead to citizenship faster, effective, and for all. I would discuss this topic with them, try to make some sort of a compromise that would benefit both of us.

Certainly, I would attempt to back up my proposal with several details of personal life stories of some immigrants. I am sure members of the House and Senate and president’s staff have known people or have relatives who are immigrants. So, I would allow them to think about them. What is best for their loved ones and their interests. I can imagine how greatly thankful they would be and with this perhaps they would even participate in political issues and events. I think going in this route would help my bill get passed. In my bill, I would include that the process of application and documentation should not be as long as six-fourteen months.

For that is too long of a wait, which is also topped with having to live three-five years as a permanent resident with a green card. So, instead, of having them wait those months, I would decrease the time of wait and them complete all requirements as necessary on the same day. Requirements such as completely filling out all applications, background checks, in-person interviews, and citizenship exam. Because if not, then immigrants would feel unwelcome and would eventually hurt the whole U.S. society.

Next, I would hire multiple professional immigrant consultants who can look over the person’s papers on the spot and give honest advice because sometimes an error on the paper can take up a lot of time. Have all their forms and documentation filled out successfully. Then the next day they can take their “oath of allegiance to the United States at a public ceremony before receiving their certificates of naturalization” (International Rescue Committee). Finally, they can see themselves now as U.S. citizens.

An example, Mulu Bahre who was born in Eritrea, became an American citizen in January 2016 said that “It was a big change for me, it was also a big commitment. The day I went to be sworn in, that was full of joy for me. I was really excited and knew that there were more opportunities ahead. It made me feel like I belong here” (International Rescue Committee). These are the kinds of words I would want to hear from immigrants who become citizens with this new system that I have planned. Making someone confident and strong in feeling that they truly belong in America and accept it as the home is probably the greatest thing.

Regarding the fourth question, according to America’s Voice this aspect is definitely not likely to happen in the U.S. “Many of [the people] have spent years and tens of thousands or more in legal fees trying to find pathways to legalization and citizenship for themselves. If there were a way to “get right with the law”, they would have done it. There isn’t”(America’s Voice). There seems to be no way to normally become a legal immigrant nor citizen without having to wait in line to see if you have become qualified to receive any documents. That is why some are avoiding the system, living as undocumented immigrants trying to make some kind of living here that is somewhat better than what they had back in their country. It’s heartbreaking to see some people waiting and waiting and ending up not getting anything. In the end, they start to lose hope for that “American dream” they have once wished for.

Straight Path for Citizenship for Immigrants essay

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