Stephan Hawking was an Amazing Physicist

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Stephan Hawking was a great scientist with an amazing life story. Hawking was born on January 8th 1942 in England. He was a pretty normal kid until he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in 1963 at age 20. He wasn’t expected to live more than two years, he really showed them he died at age 76 in 2018 55 years after he was diagnosed. Even though he was only expected to live for another two years hawking still wanted to, and did get his P.H.D in physics, that is just amazing in my opinion. Sadly he lost more and more of his ability to move while getting his P.H.D half way through he started to use a wheel chair to get around, but Stephan Hawking was a determined man and never let his disability’s stop him from getting his P.H.D and becoming a giant for which another man can stand upon his shoulders as many giants of science had done before. (Space.com)

Before he was diagnosed with motor neuron disorder he got married in 1965 and had three children with her. They divorced then remarried in 1995 and divorced again and for the last time in 2006. Before then he became a professor at Cambridge and in 1979 was elected as head of mathematics at Cambridge. In 2006 he was given the medal of the royal society. Soon afterward he would make amazing discoveries. One of the people who helped Stephan Hawking get his P.H.D was Roger Penrose who in his own right was an amazing physicist. Hawking would go on to make many discoveries especially on black holes.

One of his many theories on black holes that I like simply because it’s simple to understand and is good to learn to get used to more advanced things like singularities white holes and time dilation to the point of taking infinite amount of time to get to the singularity. This theory which is observable is called Hawking radiation named after is discoverer Stephan Hawking. It states that black holes are evaporating do to virtual particles appearing near its horizon, being taken apart do to one particle (made of antimatter typically positrons) getting pulled into the event horizon and the other escaping.

The particle that got sucked in (the antimatter one) lands on the surface of the black hole, which is made of regular old matter and thus the two cancel each other out because antimatter and matter destroy each other into pure energy. But it is a slow process because virtual particles are (generally) the size of electrons so the black hole is losing an electron every time an antimatter particle hits it. Luckily for the universe virtual particles form all the time in seconds or less all around the universe do to quantum field fluctuations, and over a course of thousand or more years plus lots of virtual particles being gathered up from possible miles away black holes can be observed evaporating.(observed in theory but hopefully soon observed in real life)

Stephan Hawking won many awards in his life some I have heard of but there are probably ones I have not heard of. In 1979 he was accepted into the royal society of science and then won the medal of the royal society in 2006. He also became head chair of mathematics at Cambridge in 1979 which is very difficult to do I would call that an award in and of itself. But he didn’t win a Nobel Prize which is just odd he was like a modern day Einstein and completely changed our understanding of the universe as we see it and as we can’t.

Even though Albert Einstein didn’t win a Nobel prize for his theories of general relativity he won his for discovering that light is both a particle and a wave physicist could have found that out a lot sooner than that I think because before Einstein they had the double split experiment which they could have used to discover that because it shows interference patterns if anything that moves in a wave goes through like light and it proves that it’s a particle because if you shoot single photons through it a interference pattern appears which you can do even if you don’t know that photons exist but theorize it and yet it took something like 200 years to prove it and it took an Einstein to do it. I know now I’m going into Einstein and that’s not who I’m supposed to do but a lot of modern day physics uses his theory’s to discover new things. Mainly being Einstein’s discovery, which won him a Nobel Prize of light being a wave and a particle, this discovery was amazing and revolutionized physics for the better.

The main discovery (I think) that really maid Hawking famous was his theory which combined quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of general relativity to discover or figure out that black holes emit radiation. He theorized this in 1970. I can’t believe he didn’t win a Nobel Prize for physics in 1970 to 2012 he should have won one or even two. His theory of hawking radiation revolutionized our understanding of physics and made some new problems. His theory’s (Einstein’s) are the foundations of Hawking’s theory’s and many other modern theory’s and facts along with virtually all quantum mechanics which is the reason Einstein is considered the father of quantum mechanics granted he didn’t like Q.M very much. Well now I am getting more into Einstein now so I should stop but a lot of Hawking’s theories are heavily built upon Einstein’s.

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