Specific the Relationship of Humans with Dogs

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When we talk about dogs, and in specific the relationship of humans with dogs, we could instantly recognize dogs to be an integral part of our life. Dogs not only plays a very important role in our life but it shapes the thinking of our day to day activities, be it involving in a healthy lifestyle, being a good companion, involving in team-work and so on. The relationship with dogs have an adverse positive effects on us as dogs are used in occupational therapy, speech therapy, and in some cases even as a physical rehabilitator. Above all dogs are valued as the best companion a man can have, no wonder it has earned the reputation of being a man’s best friend.

Impact of dogs in our life

At around 100-110 BCE humans started it’s friendship with dogs, but it did not happen overnight. As it was thought that when early humans started it’s friendship with so called dogs they were more of wolf than the modern dogs we know today. The transition of this friendship took a very long time to happen but the power of evolution made the relationship with dogs even stronger than it was back at that time. In early days the humans who had a dog came out to be more successful compared to those who did not, the reason being back in those days the dogs helped humans in hunting larger animals and thus the risk of a human getting killed by hunting became drastically low. Today dogs are not used for that purpose anymore (except some isolated peoples in different tribes around). Modern dogs in today’s age have different roles to play like for example people with a dog had lower heart rates and blood pressure measures in resting conditions than at the beginning of the experiment that was performed, than non-dog owners. Also people were less likely to have abnormal spikes in normal heart rates and blood pressure while performing any complex tasks like doing an assignment, and if there were any abnormal increase or decrease their heart rates it came to a steady more quickly and even blood pressure returned to normal more quickly.

Peoples were found to be more creative and attentive in a tasks and made fewer errors in their tasks when their dogs was present in the room. All these data and experiments pointed out the fact that having a dog lowered the risk of any heart disease, as well as lowered the stress levels and thus improving the performance of an individual. Some findings also suggest that the social support a dog can provide could make a person feel more relaxing and stress free. Arguably social support from close loved ones like family members and friends are said to have similar benefits, but relationships that are interpersonal often leads to unwanted stress as well, while compare it to a dog and a dog may be less likely to cause the same problem. Interactions with peoples around, reducing feelings of isolation, act of feeling lonely can be addressed as dogs can provide a social support for these kind of peoples who have trouble dealing with these problems. For example, taking a dog for a walk or simply walking with your dog has been found to increase the social levels of interactions, especially with strangers. Compare this to walking without a dog and the problems prevail. Every pet can have a vital relationship with the owner but among those dogs seems to be the one that most people love to be engaged in a relationship, as dogs are found comparatively more rewarding than other pets. Most of the dog owners’ in spite of having a different pet at home are found to be more attached to their dog than others, and those feelings could influence the impact of the dog on the person’s health.

If there is a family with a child whose emotional development haven’t developed as one would wish, doctors state that having a pet like dogs can greatly benefit from the situation as whenever a child has no siblings like a brother of sister to interact with, it has been proved that pets like dogs help those children in developing a greater empathy, higher self-esteem, and increased participation in social and physical activities. Dogs are said to be very non-judgmental in nature, in fact dogs hardly question its owner, and due to this type of unconditional love and loyalty, dogs help premature teens and peoples who are quite, shy, or suffer from anxiety in overcoming these problems. Reading to a dog or singing to a dog or simply having a daily conversation with a dog about your problems can have beneficial effect on the person as dogs are very good listeners and they always give a positive response thus building more confidence. A dog will always listen contently as a person reads aloud, never offering any false gesture neither, negative feedback, which boosts reading and comprehension skills. As already said many times, dogs are excellent companions and they totally are devoted to their master. Other similar benefits that a dog can have is they can help people come out of depression, they give the feeling of self-worthiness and make peoples needed and wanted in every aspect of their life. Dogs and human relationship have some traits that are carried from the early human era, one example is that dogs help its master fight against any harm and unwanted peoples that possess threats, for this benefits dogs are trained to work in the army, police, navy etc. because they can quickly identify unwanted materials that humans don’t catch with naked eye. Some sniffing dogs also work in airport, railway stations and bus stops to aid security.


The relationship between dogs and humans has changed a lot from the time when humans started petting wolves. In today’s age, dogs can be a cute and fluffy pet dog to being a strong and aggressive army dog. They have come to serve a magnitude of roles in nearly every corner of human life. From being a friend to being a protector, from being a listener to being a detector. Dogs are no longer just a companion. The relationship they have formed with us is indispensable, and no wonder why they have become the best friend in one’s life.

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