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Updated May 15, 2021

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Software for Statistics Analysis essay

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Data analysis is most important in any profession. Nowadays there is a huge data available and it maybe difficult for the decision maker to make data in understandable and helpful way, to make it easy there are several software’s for analysing of data which one of them is SPSS.

Software which is used for interactive I.e which takes inputs from human beings and runs or batch I.e which doesn’t take inputs from human beings I.e which doesn’t interact with the humans and runs one, two or more programs as administered by JCL, statistics analysis. SPSS software is obtained by IBM corporation in the year 2009 and the recent version are named as IBM SPSS Statistics but many of the users refer SPSS only.

Spss software is first released in 1968. And was fully developed and used in 2017. SPSS software was developed by SPSS Inc. SPSS software is also used in marketing and health sciences. It is greatly used in statistical analysis which is in social science. It is also used by many researchers such as in government, health, market, survey and by data miners etc. It is mainly used in social sciences especially in education & research.

Not only statistical analysis it also helps the user to manage data, does file reshaping and it also stores data along with data file. SPSS is widely envied for its straightforward, commands can be given in English & is user friendly. SPSS software is used by topmost research agencies to examine data of their survey’s as to get best from their projects.

The Main Functions of SPSS

  • Statistics program:

It provides abundant statistical functions like frequency, analyse quantitative relation between different variables or simple way to analyse quantitative analysis.

  • Visualization Designers:

It helps user to use data to invent a large number of visual for eg, density charts. SPSS also give sol for managing data and it gives access to user to do file reshaping and etc… SPSS also provides characteristics sol for data documenting, this provides access to researchers for storage of data.

There are many statistical ways that can be in purchase of SPSS:

  1. Prediction of numerical output like linear regression.
  2. Predicting to identify groups which include methodology like analysis of factor.
  3. Bivariate statistics, this also include methodology like correlation etc…
  4. Descriptive statistics this also include methodology like frequency etc…

SPSS Software is an excellent software for operating survey data. Data received by surveygizmo is sent to SPSS for analysing that data. Sending survey data to SPSS makes pulling and operating & analysing that data very clear, clean and easy.

By this SPSS will setup & get all certain variables, their names, their types & labels which makes the researcher work easy and less. After the survey data is send to SPSS the chances for statistic analysis is generally countless.

SPSS software gives researcher the best and it gives a lot of time to do and it identifies the trends, improve models and helps to draw conclusion easily and in best way.

SPSS read & write the data which are in the ASCII text files, database, spreadsheet etc… SPSS Statistics Gradpacks were more cheaper and has a greater discount and are sold out to the students. SPSS Statistics has SPSS Statistics Server with user architecture.

Uses of SPSS Software

Data Organization and Collection

SPSS is mostly used by researchers for collecting data. The screen where we enter data looks similar to other spreadsheets. We can enter data(quantitative) and also variable and save it as data file. We can assemble data in the SPSS by giving certain properties for different kinds of variables. For eg, if you give a variable as some X variable, even after days, months and years if you open that file you will be able to see how your data is organised exactly.

Data Output

After entering data in SPSS data sheet we can generate output file from that data. For eg, to check whether our dataset is normally distributed or not we can generate frequency distribution to our data, those frequency distributions are seen in output file.

That output file can sent to a research article which you are doing it at the present.So it makes work easy rather than creating a table or graph again we can just send it from output file from SPSS.

Statistical Test

The most important use of SPSS software is to operate statistical tests. SPSS has all of the features which are necessary for conducting these statistical tests. So this makes your work easy by nit making you do any mathematical equations. After running the statistical test all the respective outputs are seen in data output file. This is mainly helpful in undistributed data.

Regression Analysis

It helps in knowing the relation b/w dependent & inter-dependent variables which are saved in data files. It tells what is the affect on the dependent data when inter-dependent variable value is changed. The main need of this is to know the relationship b/w distinct types of variables.


It helps us to know the distinct features in two different samples & even we use this to distinct features of interest in 2 groups. It also knows whether the output is meaningful or not.

Analysis of Variants

It helps in comparing any 2 kinds of events , groups or any other & tells the difference b/w them. It also tells which one of the method is the best for doing a task.

Software for Statistics Analysis essay

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